Indian Art Ideas Announces an Online Art Exhibition to Exude a Spirit of Peace and Love

Indian Art Ideas today announced a month long online exhibition titled, ‘Cross Border Love’.

Online PR News – 15-November-2016 – Noida/Uttar Pradesh – Indian Art Ideas, one of India’s prominent dedicated online art selling platforms, today announced the commencement of a month long online exhibition titled, ‘Cross Border Love’. The exhibition will be on display throughout the month of November on Indian Art Ideas’ website. This month’s exhibition displays mind stirring and thought provoking artworks that question the need and existence of war.

Every month, Indian Art Ideas organizes a month long exhibition to showcase and promote the artworks created by the talented Indian artists associated with the gallery and provide them with the right platform to display their work and connect with art collectors. This novel idea of the online art gallery has enabled to narrow the existing gap between artists and masses and brought them closer.

“As a global citizen of this world, we realize that there is so much of diversity even in saying a simple Namaskar, Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Salaam...but still there is so much of unity. Art has shrunken the world. There is no doubt that art brings people together. We, at Indian Art Ideas, too are striving hard to bridge the gaps between different cultures and people and bring them together through the medium of art,” Shilpi Agarwal, founder and owner of Indian Art Ideas.

“India is the home to many talented artists, who under proper guidance can transform from a cocoon into beautiful butterfly. Indian Art Ideas is working towards providing the artists proper guidance and the platform to display their work to potential buyers,” she added.

This month’s exhibition showcases a total of 12 artworks that captures the spirit of popular theme, ‘make love, not war’. This month’s exhibition can be viewed at from November 1, 2016 till November 30, 2016.

About Indian Art Ideas

Indian Art Ideas is a leading online art gallery showcasing arts of emerging and established artists. The site works as a platform for the buyers and sellers of artworks, such as paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, etc. The art gallery exhibits a matchless selection of Indian paintings, drawings, sketches, sculpture, prints and photographs online at fraction of cost. They also provide art advisory services to the homemakers and businesses, who want to revamp their personal and office spaces. Indian Art Ideas delivers artworks free of cost at your doorstep.