Computer Resource Center, Inc. (CRC)'s VelociTRACKER(tm) is Providing Better Solutions For Today's Economy

While many Consumer Goods, which Consumer Goods Companies will survive this economy?

Online PR News – 02-October-2009 – – Today, winning at retail begins with keeping the doors open. With so many manufacturers and retailers unable to continue operations, what matters is procuring sufficient sales affordably; and it is universally agreed that the majority of sales are won or lost at the shelf.

Winning sales at the shelf is the result of winning the war for best retail execution; and that war is won with VelociTRACKER(tm).

Says Robert Gerace, CEO of Computer Resource Center, Inc: Strategies for retail execution are well known. So VelociTRACKER(tm) focuses on empowering CPG management to communicate strategies to the field, and also to monitor, manage, and drive compliance with those strategies. Some examples where VelociTRACKER(tm) increses sales are Product Knowledge Training, ensuring Maximum Sell-Thru via compliance with: Trade Promotions, Pricing, Promotional Materials, Facings, Footage, Displays, Plan-O-Grams, Inventory, Points of Interaction, and two-way communication with the field including the electronic transfer of documents. Sales are also increased with 100% coverage of stores, and sales force automation tools like: suggested order quantity, order history, sales collateral on mobile devices and POS data to convince store managers of prior successes gained from implementing programs. Additionally, costs are reduced with computer based scheduling (and re-scheduling), fewer re-visits, and the ability to survey any field data necessary for better decisions at headquarters.

If your company is searching for better supply chain execution, CRC software technology will provide the solution. CRC Supply Chain Software Technology will optimize your present supply chain logistics while increasing end-to-end visibility in real-time to avoid any disturbance in the communication flow and product life cycle.


CRC's VelociTRACKER(tm) ( is a powerful, completely hosted solution for managing supply chain operations and increasing execution and efficiency in the CPG industry. The VelociTRACKER(tm) tool set was developed as a means to address the many needs facing supply chain stakeholders in today's dynamic and competitive market.

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