iMakaseb Solution Detects Genuine Bticino Products & Provides Sales Dashboards

Armed with customer insights, iMakaseb built a unique solution for Bticino to authenticate its products against the counterfeited products using Cloud Services

Online PR News – 14-November-2016 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Bticino has always been the leading brand in the Egyptian market of electric wiring equipment, nonetheless the company had faced unfair fierce competition from cheap counterfeits that had flooded the market eroding its sales and brand image with inferior imitation quality.

Back in 2013 iMakaseb first introduced a "text & win" promotion for Bticino to boost sales, offering customers instant mobile credit when they texted codes found in product packaging to a dedicated short number. Besides the sales uplift, the iMakaseb solution provided an invaluable asset to Bticino; a customer database of end users and electricians. Subsequently an extensive retail and distribution audit was conducted using the database to evaluate strengths and gaps in the sales coverage and distribution network as well as a deeper understanding of the counterfeit phenomenon.

Genuine Product

Armed with customer insights, in 2014 iMakaseb built a unique solution for Bticino to authenticate its products against the counterfeited products using the "Genuine Product" test! Customers text an encrypted code found inside products packaging to a short number to receive a confirmation that the product is an original one. The test significantly increased sales, reduced complaints from "defected" products and restored brand image.

Since then iMakaseb "Genuine Product" test has become a standard feature in Bticino wiring products in the Egyptian market and is a best practice within the Bticino Group that is being rolled out in other markets.

To further augment the "Genuine Product" solution, iMakaseb has launched recently through the iMakaseb Cloud Services a reporting dashboard built on the Big Data compiled since 2103 to support Bticino product managers with more analytics and customer insights.

iMakaseb is extremely passionate about the value its "Genuine Product" solution offers to leading brands and their customers and has since offered similar systems to various market leaders. The company strives to introduce more innovation to the distribution and after-sales support sectors with breakthrough new features to be launched soon.

About Bticino: BTicino is a world-leading manufacturer in the field of electrical & digital building infrastructures. Operating in Egypt for over 25 years. Bticino develops, manufactures & sells a complete range of electrical equipment for residential applications, from wiring devices to home automation, entry systems & electrical accessories. BTicino, with several plants and production facilities in Italy and abroad, as well as a successful well-known brand name in more than 60 countries around the world, has been a part of the Legrand Group since 1989. Through further study of form, materials, and color, these factors have brought BTicino towards a new conception of design. At BTicino design isn't just a decorative tool, it is the ability to participate in projects and create innovative solutions, with the capacity to positively affect life and work. This principle has led to the frequent renewal of the product range (20% a year), and the creation and introduction of new technology to consumers. Domotics is an important part of these developments and will continue to advance over the next few years.

About iMakaseb: iMakaseb is a part of a large technology group operating in the MENA region since 2006; the group's revenue turnover exceeds 50M USD with 200+ full time employees. iMakaseb offers consumer brands solutions that automate their raffle draw promotions using an engine that runs on an internet cloud, providing integrated multi-channel engagement tools supported with online dashboards and reports for campaign managers and decision makers. iMakaseb runs end-to-end programs in collaboration with brand advertising teams to present integrated campaigns that are commercially driven delivering more value through user-friendly experiences and state of the art technologies.