SCHOOLS OF EXCELLENCE Today introduced Advanced DMIT Software and Franchisee aimed at Delhi, India

SCHOOLS OF EXCELLENCE, the leader of ABACUS training, today introduced Advanced DMIT Software And Franchisee Opportunity, aimed at Delhi, India

Online PR News – 15-November-2016 – Delhi – Start Your DMIT Career Counseling Centre And Earn Good Income In Very Low Investment.Guaranteed Returns.
Schools Of Excellence offering wonderful opportunity.

DMIT ( Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) for kids from toddlers up to x ii std. we help parents to understand the inborn intelligence level of their child. After the test, we provide free counseling to parents or applicants about the report. in this, we guide them to choose the activities or careers according to their inborn intelligence. for example, a child having high linguistic intelligence can learn a foreign language instead of going for dance class. this test is also very useful for teachers or parents in case there are some learning issues with a kid . the preferred learning style & communication character can help parents teach kids in their preferred style. this improves parent-kids relationships too.
we have most advanced version of Dmit

we provide 4 types of report.

Life Time Report: (69 pages reports with all details and 200 career options. very useful for student)

HR Report: very useful for hr or corporate to know all intelligence level, strength and weakness and expertise area of their employee before select them.

Compatibility Report: it is useful for couples to know about their partner interest area ,learning style and personality for better understanding.

Demo Report: It's 9 pages report and include all career related details and learning strategy, best activity option, brain related details.

Recommended Age: from 2 years to 70 years.
So Start Your DMIT Career Counseling Centre And Earn Good Income In Very Low Investment.