Men's Dating Guide 'She's Yours For The Taking' Now Available For The Kindle Library

Author Mike Pilinski's 2007 Dating Guide on Real World Meeting, Socializing and Seduction Strategies For Men Has Been Added to the Amazon Kindle Library.

Online PR News – 11-November-2010 – – Author Mike Pilinski's latest seduction and dating guide for men, She's Yours For The Taking has been added to the Amazon Kindle library as of October 26, 2010. Previously, the ebook-only release had been set to print in July of 2010 as a 324 page softcover edition, self-published through Amazon's Createspace program.

This book is Mr. Pilinski's follow-up to his original 'Without Embarrassment' -- a dating guide written for men struggling with issues of shyness, rejection, shame and social awkwardness. She's Yours For The Taking picks up where his first book leaves off by laying out a comprehensive A-to-Z tactical program of social, romantic, lifestyle and personal self-reevaluation that the average guy can benefit from in terms of improving his success around women -- ultimately leading to greater romantic fulfillment.

SYFT is more than just a step-by-step collection of sneaky club tricks however, and successfully goes beyond the juvenile notion of merely 'scoring' women. It strives to be a complete dating and mating handbook that a man can refer to at each and every step along the way to seducing a woman -- from how to first engage her in a manner that makes an intriguing impression... to guiding her straight into his arms by creating the proper romantic signals that she craves to experience every step along the way.

The real core of She's Yours For The Taking in terms of actual socializing technique centers around a low-pressure method for meeting women which the author calls 'pull-tabbing'. He has developed a clever routine that can be memorized and kept ready to use whenever an opportunity to charm some interesting girl arises. The idea is to seize upon those sudden 'gotcha' chances to meet women which often pop-up when one least expects them... at the mall, in school or even out on the street.

As Mike puts it: "For me, pull-tabbing is a way to flirt in a classy, appropriate and friendly manner, but also one that works to capture a woman's immediate romantic interest. And it does so without the need to expose yourself to a high risk of being rejected. This rejection fear is a major mental block for a lot of guys and is extremely important to manage and control."

Mr. Pilinski's dating guide then proceeds to develop a three date 'master seduction' consisting of action, connecting and deep-bonding dates which are intended to appeal to the basic romantic instincts of women. The author makes a case for how this strategy can forge that elusive bond of chemistry -- a critical mating element which usually doesn't appear following the typical sort of boring 'dinner-and-a-movie'-type first dates. These often tend to disappoint in the sense of failing to produce much in the way of true passion. The 3 step master seduction presents a complete plan of action to avoid all this failure.

The book completes the journey of seduction in the bedroom by outlining a collection of erotic moves that are intended to secure lasting sensual fulfillment.

The list price of She's Yours For The Taking, Kindle Edition, is $9.95.

About the Author:

Michael Pilinski is the author of the classic 2002 dating guide: Without Embarrassment. Fear of rejection was a major emotional problem which Mike Pilinski personally suffered from whenever attempting to socialize and date as a young man. Fighting his way through the endless recriminations that followed every romantic rejection, the author finally made it beyond his own toxic shame and learned to control his pervasive rejection phobia. His books share the insights, solutions and work-arounds that he managed to develop for himself to eliminate the type of problems connecting with others that shy and introverted men too often find themselves dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

Mr. Pilinski's careful understanding and treatment of these deeply troubling issues are what makes his work stand out among the sea of boring, repetitious, copy-cat writing in the dating guide field. Readers also enjoy his humorous and irreverent writing style, which has made him a fan favorite.

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