Rotary Index Plate Multishot Molding Meets Design and Manufacturing Challenges

New case study from Rolco Inc. describes how a molded component contains four performance features in seven different places.

Online PR News – 10-November-2010 – – Kasota, MN – Rolco Inc. has released a new Multishot Molding Case Study that shows how the utilization of Rotary Index Plate Molding made it possible to create four performance features in seven different places on one component. Although it is not considered a trade secret, Rotary Index Plate Molding is not a widely used manufacturing process because of the complexity that is involved in part and mold design.

Collaboration was key to the successful production of this component, starting with a seminar that Rolco conducted with the customer’s engineering group to educate them on multishot injection molding. Part of that technical seminar included a video on Rotary Index Plate Molding and this sparked a discussion about how this type of tooling and molding technique could be used to bond an elastomer on both the front and back of an enclosure door.

“This customer actually looked for an offshore source to produce this part even after we had introduced the concept to them. Although they found some manufacturers who said that they could do Rotary Index Plate Molding, they never found a company in whom they could go to with trust and confidence,” said Brian Olson, President of Rolco Inc.

They came back to Rolco, convinced that Rolco not only had the right multishot injection molding technique, but the right people and collaboration resumed. Rolco engineers helped to refine the geometry of the enclosure door so that it could include a gasket between the door and its aluminum housing; a gasket surrounding an SD card cover door; two flexible hinges that hold the card cover door to the housing; a cushioned frame to hold an LCD display; and two grip surfaces for tactile comfort and control. When fully assembled, the device is NEMA 4 rated for water tightness.

Read the Multishot Molding Case Study on our website and download a pdf version.

About Rolco:
Rolco Inc. provides ISO 9001:2008 certified contract manufacturing with plastic injection molding. Specializing in multishot molding, the company helps customers recognize unique ways to combine two parts into one to create molded-in features and functions such as permanent graphics, soft-touch surfaces, lenses, key pads, and gaskets. Rolco’s single-shot capabilities include in-mold labeling for permanent graphics or aesthetic effects. ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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