We An-Ser Announces Latest Tips to Calgary Businesses on the Advantages of Call Centres

When companies consider outsourcing their customer service departments or call centres, one concern is the quality of service for distance call centres.

Online PR News – 10-November-2016 – Regina, SK – When companies consider outsourcing their customer service departments or call centres, one concern is the quality of service for distance call centres. The answer to this problem, according to We An-Ser Communications, is to outsource to a local company. The benefits of utilizing a local call centre in Calgary are many.

First, using a local call centre agency ensures the people will receive a higher quality of service. The agents are local, and they know the area and culture, which means they are better able to meet the needs of those who call in. They can answer questions and respond to concerns more effectively. These agents will have a better understanding of the problems the callers face. It also helps that these agents are more likely to have similar accents, which makes them easier to understand and causes less confusion and miscommunication.

Local agencies employ highly-trained professionals who have a strong background in customer service. Many of them even have specific training in certain industries. This allows them to respond to inquiries and issues more effectively and reduces customer wait time because they don't have to find someone else to answer. It's also important to choose an agency that has a proven track record, and one that doesn't work for the competition.

A second benefit may surprise businesses, which is the ability to reduce costs and save money. It's common knowledge that many call centre agencies in other countries charge less for their services. However, a company must look beyond initial cost to find the true savings they receive by outsourcing locally. Ashley Mazsaros of We An-Ser Communications explains this idea. "Solving a problem right the first time means less time and resources spent on repeat issues," she said. Not only does this save time from dealing with the same question multiple times or going through more than one agent, it also increases customer satisfaction. As marketing experts say, keeping a customer is less expensive than gaining a new one. When a customer receives an answer to their problem quickly, they are more likely to continue working with that company in the future. If an answer takes too long or isn't satisfactory, they may search for a new company. By having customer service outsourced, internal staff can focus on other tasks. This also helps reduce costs by increasing efficiency in other areas.

When selecting a call centre agency to work with, it's important to choose one with experience that matches the business. The agency should be able to provide statistics of how they have performed with other clients and may even offer references. Many call centre agencies provide multiple plans to fit companies of all sizes and with various needs. A business must look beyond the initial pricing to how outsourcing can save money and improve overall productivity.

Outsourcing customer service can yield desirable results in time and money for a business. A company should consider the benefits of local call centres in Calgary and other areas to meet their needs.