Poh Kong Spreading Joy for 40 years with its exclusive Diamond collection!

PohKong is the leading jewellery brand in Malaysia which has a wide collection of both traditional as well as contemporary jewellery of global standard.

Online PR News – 11-November-2016 – Petaling Jaya – Poh Kong since its inception has two in-house brands which manufactures world class diamonds of supreme quality and polish which is 'Hemera and Angel'. Hemera, is the most brilliant diamond with 101 facets and reflects true perfection with its superior light performance. Hemera 101 cut is patented in Antwerp, Belgium and only the top craftsmen and experienced master cutters can produce the dazzling Hemera. It is said that producing one beautiful HEMERA diamond is equivalent to producing three triple excellent brilliant diamonds which refers to the diamond being superior in polish, symmetry and proportion.

The second brand ANGEL™ diamonds are cut by the world's finest diamond artisans utilizing one of the most advanced diamond cutting technologies. Extensive efforts and unique expertise are required to create the ANGEL™ diamond: only a small ratio of 300/1mil (or 0.03%) cutters can create the ANGEL™. It takes 4-5 times longer duration to cut an ANGEL™ diamond compared to a generic diamond.

Therefore, with these two brands under its Diamond Collection, Poh Kong has been making diamond jewellery of all categories under different price range for all types of occasion. It is definitely worth the buyer’s mind who wants to purchase diamonds for big occasions like a marriage or an auspicious occasion. Or it can be held as a safety deposit for future hurdles.

Poh Kong is the pioneer in jewellery retail business in Malaysia. With its passion and dedication in the business and it has had always the highest priority to quality of its products, without compromising design excellence. Its superior quality, meticulous craftsmanship, top notch design and material ensure its position as the leading player in the jewellery industry of Malaysia.