Flight & Fight, Thunderdrone Combined Combat Campaign Goes Live On Indiegogo

Your chance to join Thunderdrone Combined Combat; Flight & Fight. Live Drone battles as, seen through the pilots view Fire weapons and see hits Live.

Online PR News – 11-November-2016 – Seattle – We are veterans with a passion for flying drones. We got together with Drone builders experts in their field and Managers that have experience in the entertainment business that showed a passion for our idea. We wanted to give access to young and old and those with disabilities. The consumer family should have Live access to pre-programed drone fighters for use in live aerial combat.

Flight & Fight, within a protected area with high-end Drones configured with our bubble cage Avoidance System to protect the spectators and the drones from collisions or accidents in flight. Together with the ability to take away the experience recorded on Camera from the pilots view.

We are looking for participants to help please view the project http://bit.ly/2eFoM3G, and our Site www.thunderdrone.cc" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">http://www.thunderdrone.cc for more info plus see us in YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UCiBSAdJkfvglrIi_M6IzVVw" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiBSAdJkfvglrIi_M6IzVVw> : See the excitement and join in.
Each Drone is equipped with dual cameras for 3-D pilot viewing and navigating during combat and lasers which can tag the opponent’s drone, once a drone receives 4 deadly hits, game over, sending the drone back to its landing pad during the remainder of the battle. Professional Controllers have been designed and developed, built to give the maximum control and experience in combat competitions.

Each and every combat of six (6) pilots will be streamed live to screens and shown on the www.ThunderDrone.cc website with each pilot’s standing listed internationally on the ThunderDrone website. Replays will also be available on the YouTube.

Once a year the top pilots from each “Clan” will compete for cash, prizes and world-class sponsorships for their skills.

We need $85,000.00 to finish the bubble cage Avoidance System to complete the Prototype and prove the full system. This will be spent with existing developers of the Flight control system much of it going to university’s in Europe that have subject matter experts and our Joint Venture manufacturers in Bangkok who have supplied drones and tech to NASA and Lockheed Martin.

We are offering Free access to live Battle Centres as they become ready around the world. That’s free live battles as pilots of live drones, which will usually cost $45.00 per go but we are also giving away apparel Caps and T-shirts together with free banners to place on your drone when in combat.

As a contributor you will be automatically entered into the League, which will cost others a joining fee.

We have picked only those that have a history of success for both the software development and the building of our hardware together with a grounding in the entertainments market.

We are using real experience of combat in Battle both in flight and ground to achieve the right level of live realism with todays tech but we need to secure our hardware from real accidents so it can be reused and keep the playing field level. To do that we need our bubble cage avoidance system to be perfected in line with the current tech that we have chosen to fly the drones safely yet in a combat battle.

We have identified the hardware and tech to achieve our goals now we need to finish the software to make it come to reality. That’s where we need your help in this campaign.

If you can't help in funding then please get the word out make some noise in the media like us on Facebook like our YouTube.