Computacenter Keeps Businesses Ahead of Virtual Workplace Trends

The virtual workplace has become the basis of future workplace technology.

Online PR News – 10-November-2016 – London – In light of the digital transformation occurring across businesses and organisations worldwide, the virtual workplace has become the basis of future workplace technology. Computacenter understands the critical importance of designing workplace solutions that enable businesses to stay on top of virtual workplace trends, and as such, they have developed Digital Me, a people-based approach to creating a virtual desktop that empowers users through customisable digital platforms. At Computacenter, they believe that such an individual-focused solution only works by being built on a flexible and multi-functional virtual desktop infrastructure—that is, the IT of the future.

The new digital economy is expanding at an unprecedented rate, with new devices and increasing amounts of raw data growing exponentially each year. Computacenter approaches IT design with this growth in mind, with the knowledge that users need to be able to understand, sort, and access the data that will be most valuable and pertinent to their ongoing business success. That is why they design IT on a multi-mode level, that is, by moving the intelligence and control from the hardware to the software layer, increasing visibility and functionality and enabling changes to be made easier and faster by, for example, the adoption of cloud technology.

At Computacenter, they know that it is crucial that information be structured to sit on the most appropriate platforms so that users can access and manage it through the devices and applications that enable them to work in the most connected and flexible way. Thus users can experience reduced complexity through automation, orchestration, and the convergence of multiple IT components into a single optimised IT system. Additionally, Computacenter understands the importance of security, and applies security analytics to facilitate the visibility of users’ access and use of data at all times.

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