Directive Communication International Trainer Certification Program Landed In India

Directive Communication International trainer certification landed in India and now organising the event at Lonawala from 07,Nov,2010.

Online PR News – 11-November-2010 – – Directive Communication International trainer certification landed in India on the Nov, 07, 2010 to set up with the Goal to transform India Inc., to make it highly effective and Leadership Oriented.

The greatest and most demanding Trainer’s Workshop is being conducted by Mr. Arthur Carmazzi, Founder of Directive Communication International as well as ranked one of the Top 10 Leadership Trainers of the world, duly launched at Orchard Resort,Lonawala,on Mon, the Nov,08th and officially inaugurated by Mr. Arthur today.

Mr. Arthur Carmazzi is empowering the newly formed DC India team over a 10 day session of High Power Trainer’s Workshop duly organized by its India Partner Mr.Tarun Ahuja and the Marketing Head Ms.Bindu Rathore.

The Aim of this session will be to transform the people of India from different disciplines of society such as Corporate, Social, Industries-Public/Private sectors,by inspiring them to identify their hidden potential and direct those skills and talents,to vastly increase their Personal and Professional Effectiveness at Home ,Career and Work place.It is aimed at developing support towards achieving Individual and organizational Goals and Objectives at a faster achievement through greater people strategy. The Directive Communication -India will be choosing the companies to train their all levels of staff.DC System is a language to speak which can break the barriers of all other languages. DC Workshop has obtained the accreditation of American Institute of Business Psychology. This course is conducted by a Certified Directive Communication Practitioner and Trainer.DC International is chosen as No-1 Upcoming Training Company, by Management Systems Asia Magazine. Directive Communication I is a recipient of the Asia Communication and Productivity Award for Training and Development.

The selected 10 member Team India are going to be certified and branded under the DC-India and will be meeting with the Corporate India Inc., requirements towards all areas of wholistic Trainings. Work shops,Out door trainings for Top Brasses of the companies which is getting scheduled to be conducted during the First Week of Dec-2010.Directive Communication is a Language which is common for all people and it is not a Company.

The First Day Forenoon session was led by Tarun covering Law of Emotions and Law of Attraction, followed by the Introduction on the Circle of Influence (Our Territory) and Circle of Concern (New Territory) by controlling one’s emotions . He talked about overcoming Four Main Trials on our journey of Life with powerful greatness.The Four Zones of Trials to overcome,are-1)Comfort Zone, 2) Speed Zone, 3)Swop Zone, 4)Mirror of Significance about new heights of results. .He has empowered the team to realize that Human mind can be conditioned to appropriate changes of thinking and thus can bring about greater changes in values which will move closer to the Principles of Life. He covered on the specific difference between Management and Leadership and how a human brain handles these two different functions at different levels.

Bindu Rathore led the afternoon session on the Sales and Marketing of DC Workshops covering –

1) Corporate Program

2) Public –Open Seminar

3) Appropriate and required training for the College students

4) Online Training Session

5) Create different methods for Lead Generation

6) Creating an Off line Trainer’s Training and Essential requirements of an Effective Training.

Tue, The Second day of the Nov, 09, 2010, was a D-Day for the 10 member team who had the greatest privilege of getting trained by the branded Leadership Trainer ,Mr. Arthur Carmazzi who has covered the following Introductory topics covering the following:-

Goal- To Achieve Super Awesome Personal and Organizational Leadership among People Groups

He took the team through the following topics with Work Exercises to be carried out every 20 mts, of the Work shop filed with Productive Activity.

1) Factors related to Personal and Organizational Effectiveness

2) Leadership Development at all Levels of the Organization

3) Human Development Tools

4) Definition of Leadership, Strategic Agility, Effective Time Management and


5) How our Environment affect an individual and vice-versa.

6) History of Directive Communication Psychology-Story

7) Objectives to achieve and will it reflect on our Work place, Home, Career
and Life as a whole

8) Mapping the Implementation through the World of Work

9) The Four Insanities which One has to overcome

10) FOCUS and the “RAS”-Testimony.”RAS” perpetuating Behaviour

11) Why one thinks that they are Always Right/Past shaping up the Future

12) Time Management and the ‘RAS”

13) Blame Game/Solutions to the Problem

14) Encoded Assumptions and Rules of Engagement

15) What happens when human brain reacts like a Reptilian –Lizard Brain

16) Circle of Tolerance-Breaking your Barriers

17) Personal Effectiveness &Intelligent Action

18) What prevents one from Achieving an Ideal Working Environment

19) Periodical Excercises with CBC Cards to keep the participants live with the workshop, thus to prepare to implement the learning in their Professional and Personal lives.

20) Solving Problems

With the Introductory aforesaid approaches to solve the problems which people face individually, socially and professionally at work place, there are other vast Solution Package being covered in the Workshop and the same will be passed on to the press as the day progresses with the coverage of the various new and vast coverage of topics for the wholistic development and superior leadership requirements.
This is only the Foundation; THE BEST IS YET TO COME.
Readers can visit our Website at-www. Directive

Reported by :Vijay Kumar ( One of the participants of DC Certification program )

Media Contact:
Soniya Sharma
Official India DC Spokesperson
Ph- 91.9887700116

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