Asami Mixture Of Plants May Be The Antidote For Hair Fall

Few of us know that if we spray our scalps with a particular plant and herb extract our hair can almost immediately stop falling out.

Online PR News – 09-November-2016 – Nashville, Tennessee – It's strange that there are actually herbs and plants that not only play a good role in fighting hair loss, but also simultaneously nourish hair follicles so that hair grows back stronger and thicker. And that is amazing news. However, why is it that these plants have existed all this time and haven't been used by contemporary cosmetics industry? Time to find out!

It's possible that most of us have never heard of these plants and their action on hair loss. People have forgotten about them with time, counting blindly on what cosmetics and science decide to offer as a solution. Nevertheless, ancient tribes that used those herbs and plants in their everyday life, never experienced hair problems like the ones we encounter nowadays. They surely never needed to think of a way to “save their hair” like contemporary people do – just because they've lost their connection with Nature.

Here are the plants that have been proven to be effective in curbing hair loss and stimulating hair growth:

Urtica Dioica leaf extract
Panax Ginseng root extract
Tussilago Farfara leaf extract
Achillea Millefolium extract

Until recently there wasn't a product combining all elements effective in treating hair loss in a single formula. It was just recently that such product was developed and consequently entered the market. As expected, that method won customers' trust and love in a really short time. Here's what we're talking about.

The result of many different test, researches, and trials was the creation of a product named Asami. Not surprisingly, that took place in the United States where usually scientific innovations start.

After absorbing the “food” it needs for life our hair almost immediately restores its normal growth capacity. Something more – since the concentration of nourishing elements in Asami is very powerful, hair gets an a lot higher amount of healthy nutrients compared to what it gets when it's functioning normally but without additional care. It's easy to understand why when conditioned so thoroughly hair can grow up to 3 times faster than usual – because it has been fortified with tons of beneficial vitamins and healing minerals. Logically, hair must exhaust all that energy somewhere. Where? In growing, of course! That's what hair is supposed to be good at, and a product like Asami simply supplies it with the energy necessary for doing its job as good as possible.