Flippers Pizzeria Remains Committed to the 'Fresh Casual' Restaurant Model

The "fresh casual" philosophy holds true at the Florida pizza favorite

Online PR News – 09-November-2016 – Orlando, FL – "Fresh casual" was a relatively new term in the marketplace two years ago when it was first coined, but today's fresh casual restaurants are not only finding success with name recognition and awareness, but also with the way the concept is resonating with consumers.

Flippers Pizzeria has always been a pioneer in the fresh casual restaurant space, according to Kelly Pfister, Marketing Director at Flippers Pizzeria. Over the decades, the Florida pizza chain has remained committed to defining the fresh causal model, starting with the way that menu items are prepared and presented to the customer.

"Our restaurants have been chef-driven and inspired since the very beginning," said Pfister. "Being chef-driven is one of the hallmarks of a fresh casual restaurant versus a more standard 'build your own' approach at a fast casual restaurant—we pride ourselves on that philosophy of fresh, honest ingredients."

Our restaurants have been chef-driven and inspired since the very beginning

Pfister went on to mention that the pizzeria is routinely modifying their pizzeria menu with new and innovative flavor combinations throughout the seasons, which reinforces the fresh casual category for the pizzeria brand.

In accordance with the fresh casual differentiator, Flippers also places a tremendous focus on customer experience that can be felt the moment guests walk through the door, beginning with an attractive environment with décor and theming in alignment with the Flippers Pizzeria brand.

"The customer is always treated like a member of our family when they dine in our restaurants," said Ben Richardson, Executive Vice President at Flippers Pizzeria. "Our restaurants feature attentive table service with comfortable seating and welcoming staff, as well as flat-screen TVs, WiFi, and other conveniences rarely found in fast casual environments."

Since its earliest origins in 1987 all the way to today, Flippers Pizzeria has molded and refined the fresh casual concept through the years into a trusted brand that customers love. Richardson says that the model has allowed the pizzeria to expand and grow to multiple locations and will continue to assist in the long-term growth strategy for Flippers Pizzeria.

"With our decades of experience, multiple locations throughout the state, and franchise opportunities available to investors, we're the perfect example of why fresh casual is here to stay," said Richardson.

Since 1987, Flippers Pizzeria has perfected food that's fresh, made with honest ingredients, paired with unparalleled customer service. This commitment is recognized year after year, as the Florida pizza restaurant is regularly ranked as one of the best pizza places. Franchise opportunities are available now to qualified investors. Guests should call for the best pizza deals available.