Proximity Technologies Raises the Bar for iBeacons

Proximity Technologies is a new company with new IoT Technology and solutions that include agile products, services, and networks that provide data insight.

Online PR News – 08-November-2016 – Irvine, California – Proximity Technologies is a new company with new IoT Technology and solutions that include agile products, services, and networks that provide data insight. The iBeacon technology in the PROXiMITTER® brand allows real time data collection to either a single location or several globally, to expedite organizational decision making. This new IoT Technology is instant high tech data aggregation to allow businesses to increase the speed and confidence in an organization’s decisions. Proximity Technologies IoT products consist of a suite of IoT technologies and solutions that use sensor devices, hardware beacons, and mobile applications in the PROXiMITTER® brand, which is a division of Secure Channels, Inc.

Secure Channels Inc., is a cyber-security firm that leverages robust, state-of-the-art patented encryption technologies and authentication solutions compatible with every type of data available today. Secure Channel’s new cyber security technology solutions incorporate innovative disruptive technologies while simultaneously being user defined. Creating flexible, customized cyber security systems is the consistent Secure Channels approach.

Proximity Technologies offers unique enterprise solutions designed to deploy globally to provide an extensive range of capabilities that includes device and data security; workplace and asset management; mobile customer engagement; payment solutions; real-time tracking and location services. Proximity Technologies also provides custom firmware and solutions for businesses and collaborates with all clients to create IoT services that appreciate both present and future business plans and methodologies.

The PROXiMITTER® range of devices and software solutions allows for the tracking of high-value assets, including devices and company personnel. By showing the exact location of each employee, device and machine at all times, PROXiMITTER® gives users a more comprehensive overview of every aspect of a company’s operations. The system also makes it easier to collect data from devices and personnel, with a degree of security essential in today’s business environment.

Among Proximity’s flagship products is the PROXiMITTER® line, which was designed for seamless integration with any Beacon Platform management tool or any existing data analysis systems. PROXiMITTER® gathers critical data to be used for analysis, enabling a range of capabilities, including more effective promotions and more efficient strategic planning.

Proximity’s PROXiMITTER® devices are available in a range of different packaging configurations, in a choice of dual or single mode. Each device also offers multiple power options, enhancing their versatility and flexibility in engagement and presence applications.In addition, Proximity has developed its own proprietary mobile application to serve as an interface for the entire line of PROXiMITTER® devices. The software is designed for seamless integration with full range Cloud Content Management Systems, expanding capabilities and providing a secure and more efficient workflow. Combined with Proximity’s analytics services, these software products enable real-time tracking of customer and/or personnel activities. To learn more, visit


About Proximity Technologies

Proximity Technologies provides a wide range of innovative technologies, including Beacon technology, IoT technology, IoT security, custom IoT solutions, advanced analytics including services and smartphone applications. A division of Secure Channels, Inc, Proximity Technologies focuses on changing the way data is collected in overburdened industries such as Healthcare, Financial and Government.

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