Ecosmob Announced To Enrich Healthcare Sector With Their WebRTC Client Solution

In medical and healthcare sector, crystal-clear distant communication has always been a crucial issue.

Online PR News – 08-November-2016 – Ahmedabad / Gujarat – Remote and real time communication is two most crucial requirements of the healthcare sector. It requires the efficient and effective means of communication. WebRTC is such a solution offered by a popular Ahmedabad based IT company - Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Since last many years, the company has been successfully delivering its solutions to various business sectors across the globe and healthcare is one of such sectors.

The RTC in term 'WebRTC' stands for Real Time Communication. This is the software that offers glitch-free connectivity between any two locations on the earth. By allowing audio as well as video calling, this software enhances remote communication. Being useful for telemedicine, the WebRTC Client solution does a lot for the betterment of the industry specifics.

According to a representative from Ecosmob Technologies, the said sector is witnessing constant growth, but there still remain a few challenges that hinder the innovations. WebRTC solution is one of the best software to overcome these challenges and loopholes.

The spokesperson counts some features of this solution as under:

- It has an easy and simple user interface
- Text and multimedia can be shared in real time
- It offers better connectivity
- It can be used for Web, Audio and Video calling and 3-way conference
- The same screen can be shared by multiple users
- Group chatting and personal chatting is possible

The representative of the company said, "Our WebRTC Client solution is a peer to peer sharing platform that bridges the communication loopholes of health care sector. Also, it performs best when it comes to distant interactions. So, for example, if a doctor needs his/her patient to have a second opinion from another expert doctor, he/she can easily make an audio or video call with that expert. For such real time needs, this solution proves extremely helpful."

Apart from this, the representative of the company stated that generally, in distant communication, the crystal clear voice is the biggest challenge. But in case of WebRTC software, it's also not a concern! This solution is designed in a way that at a time, multiple users can simultaneously use it without any glitch or loss of data. In a nutshell, this software is a boon to the medical and healthcare industry.

"We at Ecosmob and our entire team will be honored if we could develop many more such solutions for the betterment of healthcare and many other sectors," the representative of the company mentioned, at last.

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