New Online Music Video Jukebox,

Finding, playing, and sharing YouTube music made quicker and easier with, the online music video player.

Online PR News – 02-October-2009 – – LONDON, UK - A new way of finding, playing and sharing music videos online is being launched today. is a web application that looks and feels like a music player where users can quickly find, listen to, and build playlists of their favourite artists' music, powered by the world's largest online music library. TubeRadio makes it easy to find songs, official music videos, live performances, bootlegs, rare recordings, in other words any of the millions of videos available on YouTube, all for free and with nothing to install.

TubeRadio comes with several built-in tools that help the user automatically find music. By entering an artist's name into the Discography Search, users are presented with the complete list of releases by that artist. Users can choose from the list and with a single click a video is automatically found for each track on every selected album. The end result is not only a video playlist, but a complete catalogue of the song, artist, and album name for each video, all within a few seconds. Because TubeRadio is web-based, you can access your playlists from any computer connected to the internet.

"It's an incredible tool, with a few clicks of the mouse you can have all your favourite artists' music, ready to play anytime you're online," said Ben Osborne, TubeRadio co-founder and lead programmer.

The key difference between Youtube, where one can already create playlists of videos, is that TubeRadio is built from the ground up to look and feel like a music player, while also providing additional information for each video as it's playing, including lyrics and information on the artist, as well as track and album list, and similar artists. Creating and adding to playlists is simplified, and all of your music videos are easily and automatically catalogued. "Everything happens in one webpage. We designed it to be a website that behaves like a desktop application. As Google Docs is to Microsoft Word, TubeRadio is to iTunes or WinAmp," said Rogerio Mota, TubeRadio co-founder and lead designer.

TubeRadio also incorporates a number of social networking features. Each user has a profile which lists their playlists, their frequently played artists and videos. You can add others as friends or become a fan of another user, and share your playlists with a single link. Any change to the playlist is automatically updated for all subscribers immediately. "The possibilities with sharing playlists are exciting. You could share a 'mixed tape' that changes from time to time with friends. If you're into video blogging, your subscribers immediately see all the new videos you put up. It's a great way to stay in touch with friends or your fan base." said Ben Osborne.

The idea for TubeRadio came to be as an observation of how YouTube is being used for music listening. "My friend Helga doesn't have much music," said Rogerio Mota. "When she has friends over, she plays music from a number of YouTube videos she bookmarked on her laptop."

Rogerio Mota continues, "one day I pointed out to Helga that YouTube had a playlist function. But, she wasn't aware, didn't have an account, and wasn't interested in going through the process of adding each song one by one again. And I thought to myself, YouTube really isn't designed for this stuff. It's got too many options, not enough information and is confusing as a music player. Searching for each song, one by one? Forget it! And so the idea of building something like YouTube from the ground up with the purpose of finding and watching music videos was born."

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