Trafalgar Capital Partners to hold Asian Investment Conference

Trafalgar Capital Partners will host its Asian Investment Conference in its Hong Kong headquarters on Thursday 8th December 2016.

Online PR News – 08-November-2016 – HONG KONG – Trafalgar Capital Partners’ conference will be focussing on current affairs on Asian stock markets and will aim to promote constructive dialogue between international investors.

Trafalgar Capital Partners’ Director of Research, Mr. Hideki Miyama commented on the upcoming conference saying “Numerous topics will be discussed at length while also having a question and answer session and will also feature a number international investor guests who will address key topics around the region.”

"The country choice for investments is a big component in the attribution of returns. With political issues in Malaysia currently, there is cause for little concern, however, oil is still a major player. The slight Indonesian haze isn’t helping either, but things can only improve from here on”, added Ms Hideki Miyama, Director of Research for Trafalgar Capital Partners.

Trafalgar Capital Partners of Hong Kong is a worldwide independent wealth management company with an emphasis on the emerging markets in Asia and the Americas. Founded in 1996, Trafalgar Capital Partners has concentrated on delivering our Institutional and Retail Clients with persuasive investment research and steadfast financial consultative services.

Our corporate strategy employs important weight on identifying, exploring and capitalizing on high quality risk aversion positions. We attain this through our innovative methodology to investment, which is executed by our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals.

From our premier standing of delivering research and intelligence to Institutional Clients such as sovereign wealth funds, mutual funds and hedge funds for almost 2 decades, in 2012 our administration chose to provide the identical services to Retail Clients and their families.

Trafalgar Capital Partners’ administration had the visualization that Retail Clients could have the same level of entrée to investments positions that we had delivered to our institutional and approved investors since we were established. Over the years, our expanding line-up has made our founders’ visualization a reality, making a durable financial future for our Retail Clients.