The Launching of American Author, Jessica Dawn Russell’s, “Beverly Hills Realtor”.

You have no way of knowing which book to read. Beverly Hills Realtor is one not to miss. It is a book of interest of business, love, real estate, friendship.

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The Launching of American Author, Jessica Dawn Russell’s, “Beverly Hills Realtor”, the new generation’s ace to “Sex in the City!”

November 05 2016, 09:11 ET

London, UK: Jessica Dawn Russell specializes in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, USA. A prominent realtor or as we call estate agents for decades in the area, business women and innovator started young after schooling in London, England. After years in the real estate sales business she knew one day she would retell the drama and the lives and stories of the rich, famous, powerful and crazy and the high stakes and demanding world of real estate the public does not understand. Ms. Russell represented or was acquainted during her career in the famed areas of Hollywood, Sunset Strip and the social life which is a strong part of the business culture around Beverly Hills in a very fast, wild and sophisticated manner too crazy to understand just to sell a home or work with a buyer. She is the author of” Beverly Hills Realtor”. Ms. Russell’s purpose is to introduce the pending book called, Beverly Hills Realtor entering pre-order this week to international markets through the book and publisher’s site.
Jessica Dawn Russell offer a good read for an individual, business person or at book clubs. She shares a story through Sloan, a twenty something ambitions yet naïve realtor back from education in England jumping into family business of real estate She finds herself working with the best of the business, climbing the successful ranks and as one of the few youngest agents, working with the fast, rich, famous and the lifestyle she did not really understand. The property and the stakes were high and her clients were higher. Through her character’s based on real life, she shares stories of excitement of creating a deal with an affiliate in need of money to almost viewing Jessica being pushed over a bannaster of a high rise building. Riding down the street of Beverly Hills with a huge internationally known basketball star so large to fit she thought the care would crack. The politics of the business and the men who were lap dogs as she worked her life away. This book is a cross between Candace Bushnell’s Sex in the City and the Entourage of Hollywood. It is a must to read! After utilizing book, you will lives changing especially that of the rich, famous and crazy. This continuous success proves her book’s ability to increase the live changing of some individuals and we are told there is a demanded 2nd book in the works.
The book, Beverly Hills Realtor chronicles stories based on the Author, Jessica Dawn Russell. Her experiences working as a realtor in the world famous Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas such as the celebrity filled Hollywood Hills which in part revolves around the social life on the main street below known internationally as “Sunset Blvds” Sunset Strip and now known as one of the most demanding real estate environments in the United States.
What makes the book Beverly Hills Realtor and the author so successful is their knowledge of live changing. She recognizes each person’s needs and implement Beverly Hills services to warrant success.
You have no way of knowing which book to read. Beverly Hills Realtor is one not to miss. It is a book of interest of business, love, real estate, friendship, and the fast glamourous and amorous life of Hollywood or in this case next door from Beverly Hills.
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