Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories’ Strea A15 is now ReVibra A15

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories is one of India’s leading pharmaceutical giants that has its root spread across the globe.

Online PR News – 08-November-2016 – Bangalore – Dr. Reddy’s popular topical vitamin cream, the Strea A15 is now being rebranded to ReVibra A15. Such topical creams are getting very popular amidst skin care experts and dermatologists for reducing all signs of ageing and skin damage and bringing back a healthy, youthful skin tone.
Dr Reddy’s Laboratories is one of India’s leading pharmaceutical giants that has its root spread across the globe. They started out in the year 1984 and have come a long way in terms of active pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical product manufacturing. They started out with manufacturing drugs and owing to the demand of non invasive skin care treatments, moved on to cosmeceuticals. The company right now has more than 190 medications and 60 API’s for various fields of healthcare and was listed as one of India’s trusted brands, according to the Brand Trust Report of 2014.
Cosmeceutical products are a new rage in the non invasive skin care category as they use active elements to heal and treat skin, more effectively than other skin care products available in the market. Strea A15, now ReVibra A15 is one such active cosmeceutical cream that is the purest form of topical retinol (vitamin A) available for skin care in India.
Vitamin A or retinol is known to stimulate the dermis layer and increase the deposition of collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein that builds one’s skin and keeps it healthy and problem free. It is also known to repair damages skin cells, protect from harmful free radicals in the atmosphere and promotes a healthy cellular membrane.
Retinol has been researched and proven very effective for rejuvenating dull skin, clearing wrinkles and fine lines and maintaining a vibrant, healthy skin tone. “The challenge with using such vitamins for skin care is their storage”, says the founder of ClickOnCare, a healthcare and wellness based ecommerce website in India. “Topical vitamins like these can be affected by light and air. This compromises their purity and stability. The reason most of us love products like ReVibra A15 is their unique packaging”.
ReVibra A15 comes in a unique circular rotating disk with 28 compartments. Each compartment holds a single dosage vegicaps of the cream of around 0.5 ml. This way, the rest of the cream is not exposed to dirt or light or air every time one uses the product.
“This packaging method makes ReVibra A15 very stable and maintains their purity. Stability is the most important feature for a topical vitamin cream to work. This is why you don’t find a lot of brands attempting to create pure vitamin products for skin care”, admits a leading dermatologist based out of Delhi.
ReVibra A15 is also free of all harmful additives including fragrances, coloring, preservatives and other allergy causing ingredients. While there are a lot of vitamin creams and lotions available in the market, it becomes necessary for the user to understand the composition and stay away from those that can cause allergy or long term damage to skin.
ReVibra A15 is available in all leading drug stores, beauty stores and online market places like ClickOnCare.com in India. It is great for people with prematured ageing of skin, and with dull and damaged skin. Pure skin care techniques like these will encourage people to not opt for invasive surgeries and treatments as a quick retort and look for healthier, safer options to get back their youthful skin!