Edupliance Hosting Live Webinar Discussing Overtime Update in 2016

Edupliance discusses the impact of the recent FLSA rulings and DOL’s overtime update on various businesses in this webinar conducted by Susan Fahey Desmond

Online PR News – 08-November-2016 – Hillsboro – Hillsboro, Oregon – Edupliance, a global provider of online trainings will host a live webinar titled, “Challenging Overtime Update: What Employers Need to Know”, on Thursday, November 10, from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM Eastern Time. The webinar awards one HRCI credit for each attendee/s.

The webinar, conducted by Susan Fahey Desmond (expert in labor and employment law) aims to address the impact of the new FLSA ruling (applicable from December 1, 2016) on businesses which entitles employees to additional overtime pay for extra hours worked.

Since this ruling will affect most businesses, it is pertinent for employers to attend this webinar and learn about the 2016 FLSA and DOL guidelines and various strategies and compliance options to plan their 2017 budget effectively.

This informative webinar will specifically cover:

1. Overview of new overtime exemption standards.
2. Minimum salary requirements for white-collar and highly-compensated employees.
3. Conducting internal audits.
4. Policies and procedures to avoid misclassifications.
5. Financial impact and strategies to combat raising salaries vs. paying overtime.
6. Compliance requirements for bonuses, commissions and incentive payments in worker salaries.
7. Preparing for the 2020 automatic updates to the salary thresholds.
8. Case examples of why President Obama demanded new regulations.

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