Filter Technology Elevates Invigorated Living's pH RECHARGE Above Water Filtration Competition

Invigorated Living launches pH RECHARGE. A compact water filtration system that increases pH levels while removing flouride & heavy metals from drinking water.

Online PR News – 07-November-2016 – Sydney, NSW – Water filtration has stepped into a new era.

Earlier this week, health & lifestyle company Invigorated Living announced the launch of pH RECHARGE, a triple-filter, countertop water purification system powerful enough to block harmful chemicals in minutes yet small enough to fit on a refrigerator shelf.

Company founder Dan Carlin said it's about time consumers had access to a water filtration system of this caliber; consumers were asking for it and he was compelled to design it.

"It is our mission to make clean, purified and alkaline-ionized water available to everyone. To do this, we have to continually listen to our customers and innovate accordingly," he said. "pH RECHARGE is the culmination of our mission and our customers' desires for a superior product."

It is our mission to make clean purified and alkaline ionized water available to everyone.

Invigorated Living’s water filters offer specific advantages over big-business companies like Brita: a collection of high-quality filtration ingredients and a multi-stage purification process.

Ionizing Filters Use Quality Materials, Remove Heavy Metals
In a recent discussion about the importance of using the right filters in a water purification system, Carlin said a lot of companies make the mistake of choosing sub-standard ingredients for their filters. Though these filtration elements may be cheaper, they'll result in blocking.

"Blocked filters is common among most products for a number of reasons. In some cases, the issue is poor design. But, the truth is, most companies choose low-quality materials for their filters," Carlin said. "This is why we put a tremendous amount of effort into our worldwide search for high quality filter ingredients."

Invigorated Living's filters use KDF, stone, ceramic, coconut shell and a variety of other components to strengthen the filtration process.

"Right now, in the U.S. and many other countries, our drinking water contains potentially harmful heavy metals such as lead, copper and arsenic, as well as flouride," Carlin said. "When we combine our NSF- and FDA-certified coconut shell activated carbon with KDF, we’re able to remove a much higher percentage of heavy metals and fluoride than what you'd find in most water filters."

Multi-Stage Filtration Uses Activated Carbon, Minerals to Clean
The pH RECHARGE countertop ionized water pitcher uses a multi-stage filtration system to rid drinking water of harmful chemicals and materials. The filtration process begins with a micro net that catches bigger particles that could be found in drinking water, while at the same time letting beneficial minerals pass through.
Next, the water moves through KDF, a proven compound that pulls out arsenic, lead, mercury, chlorine and other materials.
From there, coconut-shell activated carbon works to remove chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and pollutants.
The water passes through a second micro net, and then enters a powerful combination of ceramic and stone balls, each of which contains more than 10 different kinds of materials.

This multi-stage process increases the water's pH, inhibits oxygen reduction potential, inhibits bacterial growth and adds to the water helpful minerals like potassium and magnesium.

Most water filters on the market cannot match this robust system, opting to use basic activated charcoal instead of multiple lines of defences.

"The main differences between our filters and those from brands like Brita is that we focus not only on purifying water, but also on increasing pH levels and ionization," Carlin said. "There are only a few brands that deliver water free from nasties like heavy metals, fluoride, chemicals and pollutants and ionize the water along with raising pH levels."

The pH RECHARGE alkaline ionizing filtration system is available for purchase on Invigorated Living's water-specific site, Or, for a limited time, Invigorated Living is offering a 20% off pH RECHARGE discount on Simply add pH RECHARGE to your cart and use coupon code ETIBLA7Z at checkout.

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