Expert Dog Trainer Launches New Site To Help Owners Train Their Labradors

Long time dog trainer Antonio McRae is taking his message to the Internet with a new website dedicated to giving owners a framework to help them train their beloved labs.

Online PR News – 09-November-2010 – – Antonio McRae has been dispensing dog training advice for a while now, but his reach has always been constrained by geography. Today, that constraint is no longer a concern. Effectively immediately, Antonio is taking his message to the web with the launch of his new site, As an avid dog fan, Mr. McRae has helped countless families with their dog training challenges, and Labrador retriever training is his specialty. Whether a person has a black, yellow, or chocolate, Antonio has the background to help owners work with Labs of all temperament, ensuring a mutually satisfying relationship between the dog and its human family.

The information that Antonio dispenses on his site is not limited to Labrador training exclusively. Adopting an open format, which enables both fans and casual readers to participate in shaping the ongoing content of the site, Antonio adds to his core advisory role by including reader contribution, and addressing the questions and concerns of his viewership. In essence, more than just an information dispenser, is an active community whose membership includes dog fans the world over.

The Labrador Retriever is renowned for their hunting ability, and they make perfect hunting companions, able to traverse both land and water with ease. They are loving and compassionate, which no doubt contributed to its status as the most popular dog breed in the world, according to registered ownership. The Labrador Retriever is certainly the most popular breed registered in the United States, Canada and even the United Kingdom.

The versatility of the Labradors makes them on of the most popular breed of assistance dog. Certainly in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, no other breed tops the Lab when it comes to serving as an assistance dog. In many cases, the Labs have also been known to serve as reliable police dogs, traditionally the domain of the German Shepherd.

Labrador Retrievers are perfect home pets as well. The breed is athletic, and enjoys running, playing catch, swimming and performing all sorts of activities that make it a wonderful home companion for adults and children. The high intellect demonstrated by the Labs endears them to their owners, and their loyalty makes it all the more compelling for prospective owners to pick up a Lab as their next pet.

With his new site, Antonio McRae aims to provide the community a one-stop information portal for all things Labrador, including Labrador Retriever training, of course. Information on how to manage and correct behavior issues are given plenty of coverage, everything from crate training to eliminating biting behavior. It’s all there, on one site, for both owners and fans of Labs. Of course, the curious are welcome too.

"My intent with the site is to not only dispense the knowledge I have about Labrador Retriever training specifically, but also to cultivate an active community dedicated to the breed itself," notes Antonio McRae, the expert behind

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