KW Class Action Launches Website to Help with De Puy Hip Implant Lawsuits

Since the hip implant recall last August, the number of states in which class action lawsuits against De Puy Orthopaedics have been filed is on the rise. KW Class Action's new site helps patients who've had a de Puy hip implant replacement surgery

Online PR News – 12-November-2010 – – Du Puy Orthopaedics, makers of a problematic hip implant, has been named in multiple class action lawsuits across the nation and even from remote corners of the globe. KW Class Action has just launched a new website and those interested in the De Puy class action lawsuits can find latest news, info, and facts.

Several states, most recently the State of Ohio, have received class action filings against De Puy Orthopaedics. In many cases, the class action lawsuits also name Johnson & Johnson as defendant. De Puy is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. In September 2010, it was requested that the class action lawsuits be consolidated and centralized. This month, it is expected that the consolidation question will be addressed by the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.

The growth trend in class action lawsuits in this area has prompted KW Class Action, an industry watchdog, to launch a new website. The site covers not only the De Puy hip implant suits but other defective product suits as well. So far, however, the De Puy class action promises to be one of the largest cases with widespread ramifications. Plaintiffs are appearing from all over the United States, and now from other corners of the globe as well.

Over 93,000 patients were affected by the August 2010 hip implant recall issued by De Puy. The type of hip implant recalled was the ASR system, which is a metal on metal implant. The ASR system was found to have a 12 to 13% failure rate, which is unacceptably high. Also, the hip implant failure rate was found to be higher in women than in men. Specifically, the recall coverd the ASR XL Acetabular Systems and also the ASR Hip Resurfacing System.

The hip implant class action filed is not the first suit filed against De Puy. Timothy and Elaine Callahan filed in Federal court in Ohio on September 30 but six days previously Katheryn and Jonathan Bendel had also filed in Ohio. Their class action also called to prevent De Puy from contacting plaintiffs through their doctors. The number of cases is ever increasing, so this month's review by the Judicial Panel will be big news when it releases its decision.

Newer class action lawsuits against the metal implant maker De Puy involve subsequent action taken by the company after the hip implant recall was issued in August 2010. New class actions claim that De Puy misled patients affected by the recall into believing that all their medical expenses would be covered. They were to sign documents releasing their medical records and then be fairly compensated for out-of-pocket expenses. The class action lawsuit claims they may not get that compensation as previously believed.

Now it's claimed that De Puy may only cover few if any medical expenses for those who sign away their legal rights and medical records, as well as the actual hip implant. Only those medical expenses deemed unilaterally reasonable by De Puy will be reimbursed. That will make it very difficult for those hip implant patients who signed away their rights, to seek compensation elsewhere.

The number of hip implant lawsuits is increasing every day, as more people seek help for having to undergo revision surgery after an ASR De Puy hip implant causes them problems. Keep an eye out this month for a decision on consolidation of class actions into a multi district case against De Puy Orthopaedics and perhaps also Johnson & Johnson.

For current information about the De Puy hip implant class action lawsuit and other class actions such as the ongoing Yasmin lawsuit, visit KW Class Action's newest website, where all the current news on class action lawsuits can be found.

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