Tips On Filing A Renters Insurance Claim Published

The new outlines the process of properly filing a renters insurance claim.

Online PR News – 01-October-2009 – – Most renters insurance policyholders assume that should the need ever arise to file a renters insurance claim, the process will be simple and self explanatory. However, according to an article recently published on that is not the case. There is a protocol to follow when Filing A Renters Insurance Claim in order to better ensure a successful claim.

The article titled, ‘Filing A Renters Insurance Claim’ states, “Knowing how to correctly file a renters insurance claim will help you pick up the pieces if your property is damaged, stolen or lost. A renters insurance claim properly filed will also cover any medical and legal expenses you may be responsible for if someone is injured in your home.”

Here are the first steps a renter should take in order to ensure a successful renters insurance claim:

I. Contact the renters insurance agent to report any property loss, damage, or accident that is covered in the renters insurance policy.
II. Document via camera or video recorder the proof of any damage or loss as proof to the insurance company.
III. Take the steps in order to prevent further damage. Failing to do so could result in a denied claim or cancelled policy.
IV. Ask about the exact procedure the specific insurance company employs when going through a claim process and be as cooperative as possible.

An easy way to make the claims process go smoothly is to be familiar with the ins and outs of the renters insurance policy. Know what is covered and what is not covered and the actual amount of coverage spelled out in the policy. “Too many renters will seek financial help from their provider only to have their renters insurance claim be denied due to lack of coverage,” states the article.

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Staff contribution: Kyle Fitzsimmons

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