GetSportiv, The Social Network for Sports, launches its Android app

Android App Launch by Getsportiv

Online PR News – 05-November-2016 – Bangalore, Karnataka – GetSportiv, the definitive social network app for the sports community has announced the launch of its Android mobile app. Having been in existence since 2015, GetSportiv is a unique application that connects sporting enthusiasts, players, professionals and organizations cutting across levels, from the street leagues to international level to help them share their sporting identity, promote their talent and engage with the community.
The application is characterized by the presence of 162 different sports spread across 6 categories with dedicated focus accorded to Paralympic and Special Olympic sports. With a feature set that lets the user create sports specific profiles, connect and instant message with fellow members of the platform, manage teams, create events and build interactive scorecards for each sport, GetSportiv has quite a lot to offer every individual associated with sports. It also serves as the ideal second screen for the passionate sports lovers with its built in capability to share quick images and videos tagged under sport from a stadium using the Playbook functionality. In addition GetSportiv offers institutions, organizations, sports clubs and federations a platform to create and manage their unique sporting identity and tag their events. The team has spared no effort in offering highly engaging sports content and have created a dedicated section for syndicated daily sports news as well as articles, features and insights across multiple sports.
Developed and executed by a team of 'armchair' sports enthusiasts from France and India, GetSportiv has identified its target user base as all sports lovers across age categories and across all global geographies. Though in its early stages, GetSportiv has received a measure of attention from the international sports enthusiast community. One of the founders Sanjay Das laid out the company's vision for the future stating "We have just touched the tip of the iceberg. The first cut is a social platform for networking, engagement and promotion. There's a lot coming up in the next few months, that includes, powering up the platform with intelligent analytics to create meaningful insights for individuals and organizations in their interactions, not to mention a continuous drive towards adding more value to the users for better engagement and branding. Sports is probably the only vehicle that brings together a deeply heterogeneous set of individuals under a common umbrella, and what better way to capture its essence than through an all-encompassing social network.”

The web version of GetSportiv can be accessed by logging on to and the mobile version is available on the Google Play store currently, coming soon on the iTunes store.