Benefits Growth Network Introduces MORE: A New Sales System for Employee Benefits Agencies

Understanding the needs that businesses are facing today, Benefits Growth Network has created a new sales system to meet those changing demands.

Online PR News – 09-November-2010 – – St. Louis, MO – Benefits Growth Network (BGN), a strategic consulting firm for employee benefits agencies, announces its new sales system: Maximizing Organizational Return on Employees (MORE). Introduced during its fall conference, BGNLive!, and Sitkins International’s fall conference, Extreme Networking, BGN has indicated that the system will be available to agencies by the end of 2010.

Benefits Growth Network has developed a platform to help businesses overcome the challenges of the recession and focus on economic recovery. In an effort to survive the recession, many companies employed survival techniques; reductions and eliminations of investment into people-focused initiatives such as training, education, development, and benefits were common. These reductions are now becoming obstacles to economic recovery and re-building a thriving business.

In order to transition from survival mode into growth mode, businesses must focus attention on how they are going to attract and retain key employees, maintain a healthy organizational culture, and increase productivity through improved efficiencies. Businesses are largely unaware of these needs they are facing, which, unaddressed, will impede their transition to a growth mode. When these needs become obvious, many organizations are going to find an inability to navigate and implement the necessary solutions without outside guidance.

Understanding this growing business need, Benefits Growth Network developed the MORE system to help agencies directly mitigate and avoid the employment risks their clients and prospects are currently facing.

“Our purpose is to help agencies build profitable and sustainable businesses. And that means helping their clients build better businesses, as well. Agencies face the same challenges and strategic risks as their clients,” says Kevin Trokey, BGN president and coach. “We need to use that knowledge, coupled with the unique understanding we have of employee management, and help companies uncover the opportunities to maximize the return on their employee investment.”

The MORE system moves agencies away from a focus on policies and a list of solutions, to a focus on customizing a plan that addresses the critical cost drivers within a business. In order to help agencies make this transition, BGN has begun training programs around the new educational process of better understanding business operations and consulting with clients around larger employee management issues. Training began in September during BGNLive! and will continue throughout 2011 in the form of online instructions, webinar training sessions, and collaborative workshops among member agencies.

BGN has also announced that it is developing the MORE system to be an online database, helping to automate the system, simplifying the complexity of offerings, and building in producer accountability. MORE Online will allow producers to input key employee management elements and indicators they’ve learned from clients. The system, with input from the producer, will outline a three-year development plan for the client’s organizational improvement program, which is designed to help them increase engagement, productivity, and profitability. The system will house and track all data and will also return an Accountability Report for producers to use in semi and annual review sessions with the client.

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