Business Listing Center Announces Relaunch of Website

The Business Listing Center just announced that an updated website has been launched. The new website is more user-friendly

Online PR News – 04-November-2016 – Richmond Hill, ON – The Business Listing Center just announced that an updated website has been launched. The new website is more user-friendly and provides information about all of the services the company provides. Eye-catching graphics and colors are combined with statistics and other data to help businesses learn more about the company.

Businesses that seek to build or develop a strong online presence will be interested in what Business Listing Center has to offer. Right on the home page, multiple services are listed with links to their own pages. This includes local business marketing, social media marketing, content creation, reputation management, video marketing, insurance agency online marketing and more. Users can click on any of these services, and the links will take them to a new page which details what the service does and how it can benefit them. Customer testimonials are included which show how Business Listing Center has helped them improve their online presence. In addition, the homepage and every other page includes a contact form as well as links to the contact form to make it easy for companies to contact Business Listing Center for more information.

Along with links to the individual services, the homepage includes short blurbs about each service. This helps users know which ones will be of interest to them instead of clicking on a link only to find out the service isn't something they are interested in. Once a user moves to a page for a specific service, they learn more about what is involved with this service and how it can benefit them. They will see statistics regarding how customers use this service or what percentage of people rely on the service. The page will also explain what Business Listing Center does for the customer.

Wendell Waldron of Business Listing Center is excited about the new website and its potential to help customers grow their online presence. "This website provides the crucial elements to a successful online marketing strategy and explains how we can help," he says. The focus for this website and the company is on small and medium businesses with a local presence. Larger companies can also benefit from the same tools and resources in building their brand reputation. As Waldron explains, small companies that cater to a local audience still need a website and social media presence. More customers are doing research online before walking into a local business. If the customer doesn't know the business exists, it will lose out to the competition that can be found online.

The Business Listing Center stresses the importance of building an effective online marketing strategy through the services provided by the company. Businesses of all sizes, those starting out as well as the established companies, can benefit from the help of an online marketing expert. Companies that don't have the time or the personnel to do their own marketing will see the difference in hiring the Business Listing Center to manage this aspect of their business. The new website makes it easier for companies to understand the importance of online marketing and to work with established experts who can provide a solid return on investment.