World’s First Property Application for Iphone Launched by Ray White

The world’s first iphone/ipad application has been launched by Ray White. The aim of this launch is basically the real estate agents under the YPIRE of the young professionals in Real estate Program.

Online PR News – 09-November-2010 – – Sam White who is the deputy chairman of the Ray White group says that this new application is a potent tool for the real estate. The specialty of this application is that it provides a list of questions to the agents. These questions are helpful for the potential buyers of the property and can be put forward to the owners after an open inspection.

Mr. White also stated that it shall provide a great convenience to the agents and give more accurate apt and up-to date feedback to the customers. This shall prove beneficial to the clients and the firm.

It is a simple and effective program and this is the reason why it has got so many professionals talking about it excitedly. The clients are also gaining interest in this newest piece of technology. It is much simpler as compared to the complex spreadsheets of the past.

The YPIRE is basically a community on the internet that is established by the Ray White group. It provides help to the young and potential real estate agents and helps them succeed in the real estate industry. It is definitely proving a great help and there is a lot of success and popularity gained by the youngsters through this program.