Hardy Kitchenware Debuts Digital Food Thermometer with Bonues

Announcement of launching our digital food thermometer

Online PR News – 04-November-2016 – Los Angeles/California – Hardy Kitchenware director, Caroline Matheri, announced that the company has launched its newest product for cooking enthusiasts, a folding digital food thermometer that provides a readout in seconds for accuracy and safety.
Middletown, DE – November, 2016 – The company’s temperature tool is ergonomically designed and comes equipped with an extra-long probe, allowing individuals to monitor liquids and thick cuts of meat. When consumers purchase their digital thermometer they’ll also receive a free downloadable eBook as a bonus.
“Our thermometer provides accurate results in 4-6 seconds, has an easy to read LCD readout, and a built-in magnet so you can simply attach it to a grill, kitchen range or even on your refrigerator to keep it close at hand,” said Matheri. “It’s also designed with a hole in the handle for hanging and easy storage.”
The company’s new digital thermometer offers an easy and convenient way to ensure food isn’t undercooked or overcooked. The temperature tool helps ensure that baked goods and vegetables are cooked to perfection and the handle contains suggested temperature levels for raw, medium and well-done meat.
The electronic gauge works with an extensive range of temperatures, from -59° F to 572° F (-50° to 300° C) and it automatically shuts off in 10 minutes to conserve battery life. Small, lightweight and highly portable, it fits easily in a pocket or backpack for camping trips.
It can be utilized when cooking and heating an extensive range of foods, from turkeys and fried meals to milk and baby food. The thermometer offers a safe way to measure the temperature of sauces, soups or oil for deep frying. It performs equally well for measuring the temperature of food cooked indoors and those prepared on the grill.
Highly versatile, the Hardy Kitchenware thermometer is also appropriate for candle making, brewing beer, and wine making. It’s an essential tool for individuals who preserve the bounty of their gardens or make jams and jellies for competition and gift-giving.
A cooking thermometer is equally applicable for use by novice cooks and those with experience. The devices are especially important during the summer grilling season when the risk of a food-borne illness is increased due to more grilling opportunities, higher outdoor temperatures, and cross contamination while preparing food.
The digital cooking thermometer from Hardy Kitchenware provides cooks and hobbyists with a quick and accurate means of testing the temperature of foods ranging from meat, poultry and seafood to vegetables, sauces and oil for deep frying. It works equally well for hobby related uses and provides a gift-giving idea with safety in mind.

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