Scooter Direct brings in high speed 3 wheel and 4 wheel mobility scooters

Scooter direct has lowered down the significance of earlier models of EV riders by launching breeze III and Vita.

Online PR News – 10-November-2010 – – PR Log (Press Release) – Nov 08, 2010 – Scooter direct is going to introduce the fastest, latest and the most advanced mobility scooters across the world. The two latest models are EV rider breeze III and EV rider Vita.

First one is the EV rider breeze III which is a 3 wheel mobility scooter and is comprised of so many latest features and benefits. The seating of this scooter is quite comfortable and is adjustable as well according to the rider. Seat is comprised of armrest, head rest, back rest that can also be adjusted as per the requirement of the rider. Its alloy wheels are quite large and hence it seems to be the best among all mobility scooters to be ridden on almost all the types of surfaces. It can also be brought into use for carrying weight up to 500 lbs at the maximum speed of around 10 miles per hour. It is operated with battery and if it is charged once can be ridden up to 28 miles. This 3 wheel mobility scooter comes with so many latest features and few of them have been adopted from conventional motor cycles such as brake lights, indicators, etc.

Second latest model is the EV rider Vita which is a 4 wheel mobility scooter and is supposed to be the fastest and the safest among the mobility scooters having 4 wheels. It has been elegantly designed to be used on daily basis. If we discuss on its comfort level then it is superb because of the suspensions under both seats and wheels. It has a digital display which is water resistant and even in the heavy rain; it displays speed, distance travelled, surrounding temperature etc. digitally. It is operated with the help of battery of 12 volts and current capacity of 79 Ampere Hour. It can also be used for carrying purpose as its maximum capacity is 400 pounds. This 4 wheel mobility scooter has got a stylish design.

“Scooter Direct” has made thousands of riders customize their riding mobility scooters along with carts and power chairs. We are sure that you would be delighted and surprised by knowing that how easy it is to become itinerant. Its more information can also be obtained from the website