Upgraded Infrastructure for Vancouver Spine Care Centre

Vancouver Spine Care Centre announces the addition of upgraded, state-of-the-art infrastructure to its medical diagnosis and treatment for spine related health problems.

Online PR News – 10-November-2010 – – The chiropractic society is making efforts towards upgrading the diagnostic treatments offered by them. Vancouver Spine Care Centre is one of the many chiropractic centers based in Vancouver working towards upgrading their infrastructure for offering modern and improved chiropractic treatment to the patients.

Vancouver Spine Care Centre has recently upgraded its infrastructure by the addition of modern and sophisticated medical devices. It has added a brand new and advanced Cox spinal decompression table with the latest functionalities for proper and quality treatment of musculoskeletal disorders of patients at its West Broadway centre.

Another addition to the centre’s medical devices and equipments is the additions and upgrade of the existing X-ray department. It is making changes and replacing old equipments with the latest and advanced quality of x-ray equipments and devices to offer its patient with the modern technology and advanced level of satisfactory treatment.

Vancouver Spine Care centre has played a crucial role in establishment of chiropractic treatment in the West Broadway region. It has been closely working with various other chiropractic centre and spine care clinics in the region to offer diagnostic treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders in the human body. It has been regularly introducing new technology for the treatment of spine-related and other neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.

Vancouver Spine Care Centre is a Vancouver-based spine care clinic in West Broadway in Vancouver, BC in Canada. It offers diagnostic treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders including Herniated Disc, Pinched Nerve, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Whiplash, Scoliosis, Headache, Spinal Stenosis, Sports Injury etc. Its treatment is based on chiropractic form of non-invasive treatment and includes treatments like Full Spine Diversified, Cox Spinal Decompression, Palmer Specific, Sacro-Occipital, Instrument Adjusting, Myofascial Release, Motion Palpation, Orthopedic Extremity Adjusting, Applied Kinesiology, Laser Therapy and others.