QASource Announces Diwali Celebrations

Today QASource, a leading software testing company, announced its Diwali celebrations.

Online PR News – 03-November-2016 – California – Today QASource, a leading software testing company, announced its Diwali celebrations. Diwali, also known as “The Festival of Lights,” is a major Indian holiday that coincides with the Hindu New Year and is celebrated as a 5 day festival.

The employees of QASource’s testing facility in Chandigarh, India, celebrated Diwali with an event known as “Ethnic Day.” This year “Ethnic Day” was held on October 28th. On this day the interior of the facility was decorated with brightly colored banners, drapes and other traditional decorations. The exterior was decorated as well. Employees came to work dressed in traditional festive attire, and after the work day, employees were treated to music, special snacks and a gift. QASource’s employees receive gifts like sweets and fruit trays on “Ethnic Day.”

“We host a Corporate Social Responsibility event every quarter, but our Diwali celebration is the most widely anticipated and attended event of the year,” said Sonia Singh, CFO at QASource. “We also incorporate charity into our celebrations.”

A week prior to their Diwali celebration, QASource partners with an organization which sells candles, handicrafts, home accessories, and other items to QASource’s employees. This year QASource partnered with Prabh Aasra, a home for the mentally and physically disabled, orphans and destitute individuals. The proceeds directly benefit the organization, and QASource matches every dollar its employees spend.

QASource’s corporate headquarters in Pleasanton, California celebrated Diwali as well. On October 28th, the same day as “Ethnic Day,” employees at the U.S. office enjoyed a catered lunch with Indian food and were given boxes of chocolates as a gift.

“Our offshore engineers are an extension of our clients’ onsite teams,” said Rick Rampton, Head of Client Success at QASource. “Our Diwali celebrations demonstrate that we share this philosophy. Our teams are global, but we are one team.”

Diwali always occurs in autumn, but its actual date is dependent on the Hindu lunar calendar. This year, Diwali was celebrated on Sunday, October 30th. To learn more about QASource and its testing facility in Chandigarh, India, visit