Cressman Financial Group to host Private Reception and Investment Symposium

Cressman Financial Group today announced that it will host a private reception and investment symposium on Thursday 24th November 2016.

Online PR News – 03-November-2016 – HONG KONG – Cressman Financial Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Jean Summers commented on the upcoming event saying "This event provides a forum to highlight the specialized wealth planning needs for our clients, and we're pleased to facilitate this discussion.”

"On behalf of Cressman Financial Group, we are pleased to hold this symposium. Wealth planning is critical to protect ourselves and our families, as well as to inspire and engage future generations in the work that is important to each of us," added Ms. Summers, Chief Executive Officer of Cressman Financial Group.

The event will feature findings of new studies compiled by Cressman Financial Group on the challenges faced by individuals and their partners under current retirement and tax laws. The research will address property, income and levels and retirement assets.

The event will begin at 4pm at Cressman Financial Group’s Headquarters in Central Hong Kong. Reservations are required for security access and limited seating is available.

Cressman Financial Group are a leading investment management firm with our international headquarters in Hong Kong. Since we were established in 1994 as Cressman, Wu & Tsang Financial Group we have become a trusted authority in guiding clients globally on generating returns from the world’s capital markets. In 2013 we became Cressman Financial Group following the retirement of Archie Wu in 2006 and Colin Tsang in 2012.

At Cressman Financial Group, our advisors place significant emphasis is on identifying undervalued, overlooked companies that have a strong potential to provide above average return on capital in the short to medium-term.

Cressman Financial Group’s reputation is founded on our proven capability to deliver comprehensively researched analysis on each of our recommendations. We believe that by providing the highest levels of clarity, impartiality and transparency in our research, we enable our clients to make well informed investment decisions. We offer every investor a bespoke service tailored to adapt to their particular financial circumstances, ensuring we not only meet their investment goals, but exceed their expectations.

Cressman Financial Group are known for providing a personalised investment advisory service, focusing each recommendation on prudently analysed companies and in-depth market research. This allows you, our valued client, to make an informed investment decision, enabling you to take full advantage of what the world’s capital markets have to offer.