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Online PR News – 04-November-2016 – RSorder – There is always room, as long as we haven't reached level 99 yet. There's literally no limit on how far the armours go.As for BiS, well, im no against specialized equipment, but that's the way Runescape has always rs 07 gold cheap worked. When Whip came out, it was a HUGE upgrade over the next best weapon(D Long). The "power creep" we are having in the new suggestion is EXTREMENELY mild compared to that.

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People who are against BiS on this thread are spreading MASSIVE amounts of hyperbole. Either they ignore how Runescape has always been, or are simply clueless.So, what exactly IS what made EoC the wrong decision? I think most people would say are changing the combat system.Also, EoC isn't a "mistake" as far as balance is concerned. Damage-wise, Dragon Longsword sits somewhere between Rune and Dragon Scimitars, making it a 45-50 weapon. Making the weapon more consistent and making sure the weapons are reflective of their tier, wasn't really a bad thing.

Sure, you may prefer the current system because of nostalgia, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just making sure that people will understand that your arguments are based on "nostalgia" and not "balance," and as such, EoC wasn't bad.I would absolutely welcome EoC to OSRS. To improve weapon balance by making the attack requirements more reflective of their tiers would be great.It would also create room for future weapon / itemization and make RS's itemization feel less limited in nature.

1-2 more strength a piece is a massive improvement? At the current rate, level 99 armours would have something like maybe +20 total strength more with maybe 20-40 more attack bonus.Doesn't seem such a "massive" improvement when you concider how strong future monsters are going to be.The proposed sets don't even have a set effect, and yet, you're talking about massive improvements, like it's the biggest thing in the world.Sure, there "neededn't" to be. As long as we both are clear that is exactly NOT how Runescape has always been and you're asking to change Runescape and especially OldSchool RS into something it ISN'T, then that's fine.

Did you literally just skip over the entire second half of my sentence?

When I say I want more specialized armours, I mean them in the 75 tier, not 65. It's perfectly fine to have more specialized armours, but 65 shouldn't remain the best tier forever. It's time to have more specialized armours and set bonuses and that's perfect for the new 75 tier.If a "slower" game is what you want then that is fine and your opinion is totally valid, but just so you understand, that's not how RS has before been.I also think it's hypocritical to stand in the way of progress because you joined in 2007-something and prefer the game to stay in that game period or whatever, ignoring the progress RS made because of power creep.

The Runescape wasn't perfect before whip, it wasn't perfect in 2007, and it certainly isn't perfect now. Power creep is neccessary for progress, we can't keep on having level 65 armours the highest level armour forever.Many people who play OSRS probably joined in 2007, as that's when RS was most popular, and so wish for Runescape to remain in that "special" bubble state forever. It might be better for these people to go to their own servers and be stuck in the 2007, rather than request that everyone stay in that same bubble forever