Connecticut Private Investigation Firm Offers Tips on Spotting a Cheating Spouse

Bridgeport Private Investigator, specializing in infidelity investigations, says there are a number of signs that your partner may be unfaithful.

Online PR News – 01-October-2009 – New York, New york – “Throughout my career, first in law enforcement and later as a Connecticut private investigator, I have been involved in many undercover assignments and high profile investigations,” says Christopher Paoletti, Founder and President of Infidelity Investigations (, a full service Connecticut private investigation agency specializing in infidelity cases that have been the subject of divorces throughout the country. “Since founding Infidelity Investigations in 2001, my team and I have caught hundreds of cheating spouses because we know what to look for.”

According to Paoletti, there are a number of “signs” to look for if you believe that your spouse may be unfaithful, with the first being your own gut reaction.

“If you have a feeling that your spouse may be cheating,” says Paoletti, “then you have enough reason to do a little more digging.”

When approaching your spouse with your gut feeling, watch his or her reaction, Paoletti says. If they tell you that you are “crazy” for making such accusations or that you are “imagining” things, this may be a sign of infidelity and a way to mask his or her behavior.

Increased use of the Internet, and excessive emailing or text messaging can also be a sign of infidelity, says Paoletti.

“The Internet makes it very easy to communicate with someone when you cannot talk to them in person or by phone,” he notes. “If excessive Internet use is apparent, shutting down the computer or changing screens when you walk into the room may also be a sign of a cheating spouse.”

According to Paoletti, another sign of a cheating spouse may be going to work early, coming home late, or working overtime without compensation. The spouse may even be taking long trips to the grocery store or gym. The truth is, he says, is that none of this may really be happening.

Lastly, Paoletti says that a spouse who hides home or cell phone bills, leaves the cell phone in the car or keeps it on them at all times, or has a cell phone that you don’t have access too is likely being deceptive.

“Although these signs may not necessarily guarantee that your spouse is cheating,” Paoletti says, “They are sure signs of deception, especially, when he or she did not have these tendencies in the past.”

Established in 2001, Infidelity Investigations is a bonded, fully insured and licensed Bridgeport private investigation firm in the State of Connecticut, specializing in infidelity investigations, surveillance, background investigations, attorney investigation services, and GPS tracking. For more information, call 203-268-6319 or visit

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