Jenny Launched An Art And Craft Online Store
11/09/2010 is a new art store on the web and is a true paradise for those interested in the Arts and its allied fields.

Online PR News – 09-November-2010 – – is a true paradise for those interested in the Arts and its allied fields. The user will be able to avail of products from every area that has something to do with art and craft. The products are on display according to category, and this fact makes it possible for the buyer to locate the article that he is looking for without much difficulty.

Some of the areas that have been included in the categorical list are acrylic, activity books, airbrush, books on art, canvas, ceramics, clip art, drafting, drawing, easels & furniture, floral art, for the young artist, framing, glass art, graphic art supplies, how-to series, instructional books and videos, jewelry making, leather crafting, oil painting, papier mache, pastels, photography, portfolios, scrapbooking, sculpture, stenciling, textiles and dyes, and water colors.

Drawing and painting form the basics of the arts, so let us take a tour of the sections and see what ArtCorridor has to offer the consumer. A large variety of books are on offer for the buyer who is interested in learning to draw. There are books on portrait drawing, landscape drawing, the use of light and shade, perspective drawing, pencil sketches, cartoons, drawing nature, wildlife, and yes, fairies, too. There are books which pay close attention to details like drawing a hand, drapery and wrinkles, the head and the face, muscles in movement, the human figure. There are books on experimental drawing as well as imaginative drawing like drawing aliens, monsters and freaks.

The section on painting offers the various tools necessary to make your drawing come alive. Beginning with a color scheme card, there are suggestions for various types colors and linseed oil for the artist dabbling in oil painting. There are colors, which are meant for professionals as well as those for amateurs. The products include palettes and sponges, too. In the oil painting section, there are several books that try to teach the artist to capture the ambience of a particular scene effectively. Books on water colors try to guide the learner through the finer nuances of depicting a scene, and the various technicalities involved in the process.

There are quite a few art & craft kits designed to arouse the interest of the young learner. Given the correct aids, an amateur junior will blossom into a promising artist. has the products to help youngsters develop an interest in art, and connoisseurs to keep on improving professionally, so visit the webshop at