Tao Martinez Runs For Illinois', Kane County Coroner

Candidate says if elected, he will work to balance the budget, and restore respect to what he calls a beleaguered office.

Online PR News – 02-November-2016 – Chicago, Illinois – Running for Kane County Coroner where the need for infrastructure has never been greater, is Tao "Tom" Martinez. The candidate on the ballot for the November 8, 2016, election is currently serving as a Kendall County Deputy Coroner.

Tao Martinez says he is passionate about running for Coroner and hopes to represent the public in a manner that best serves them. He added that he plans to use his vast experience and communication skills to help reform local government by taking moral actions.

The spotlight on Kane County Coroner budget woes are pressing elected officials. When asked about his strategy for resolution, Martinez said he would work cooperatively with the County Board to balance the budget and restore respect to what he calls a beleaguered office.

"I have worked with budgets five times the current Coroner's budget," he explained. "I know that anytime Coroner employees receive a 40 percent raise, that budget is irresponsible. There's no excuse for the Coroner being over budget four straight years."

If elected, the candidate says he will streamline standard operating procedures for autopsies on a case by case basis. Currently, Illinois State statutes use 12 criteria to determine if an autopsy is warranted. In the event a case meets just one of those criteria, an autopsy is performed.

Martinez believes the current procedure is a waste of resources and says that "there is nothing worse than burdening a family with an unnecessary autopsy."

Recently, he emphasized how vital work towards the preservation of lives in Kane County is. He demonstrated the importance by using his own money to buy more than 200 books that support that end. 'From the Barrio to the Board Room' address challenges faced by Illinois youth.

Tao Martinez stressed that he believes "in a 'prevention over intervention' philosophy. I am thrilled to distribute these books. No parent should have to bury their child."

'From the Barrio to the Board Room,' 'Mi Barrio,' and 'Little Barrio' all are part of a book series (www.fromthebarrio.com) by international award-winning Latino author, Robert Renteria. The series helps young people abstain from violence, substance abuse, and teach at-risk youth how to make better choices.

"Tao recognizes that drugs, violence, and juvenile crime are problems," stated Renteria. "As Coroner, he will continue to implement prevention programs that lead to less body bags."

"Just like Tao, Robert Renteria believes in prevention over intervention," stated Fran Briggs, publicist to Renteria. "Tao Martinez recognizes drugs, violence, and crime by youth as a big problem in the county. He knows that preventing incidences is a strategic and necessary mandate to combat them."

Tao Martinez has studied international business and administration.He is the founder and president of ArchAngels BioRecovery, Inc. The entity is dedicated to providing nationwide assistance to families and victims, as a result of a tragic loss of a loved one. This includes infection control of hazardous environments such as homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, industrial accidents, mass casualty incidents and bioterroism. lives in Aurora with his wife, Rene. They have three children, Tyler, Kaylee and Brienn.

For more information, please visit http://www.martinez4coroner.com/.