Next Era Tool for IBM Notes and Domino Identifies Path to Future

Teamstudio developed Adviser as a solution to the challenge of understanding comprehensive details about an IBM Notes application environment.

Online PR News – 02-November-2016 – BEVERLY, Mass. – Today, software company Teamstudio released Adviser, a tool that recommends to organizations a course of action for each of their IBM Notes and Domino applications.

Notes and Domino have been used to build customized business applications at the workgroup level for the past couple of decades. As a result, many organizations have a large number of applications that play a vital role within the business. Due to various pressures, it has been increasingly common for organizations to trend away from reliance on Domino servers and Notes client applications. Organizations are looking to consolidate servers, modernize Notes applications to web-based and mobile apps, or migrate entirely to other platforms. Before they can do this work, IT staff must first understand comprehensive details about their application environment so that they choose the best forward path for their hundreds or potentially thousands of applications. Grasping how many applications there are, their complexity, which are being used and by whom, and their business value is a complex and time-consuming challenge.

Teamstudio developed Adviser as a solution to this challenge. Adviser scans Domino server catalogs and database designs, aggregates the data, and provides users with a recommendation for each of their applications. The tool contains multiple modules. The guidance module brings together information from the other modules to make a recommendation on a forward path for each application.

“The guidance module processes potentially vast quantities of data from your application servers surrounding application business usage, value, and complexity, and adds weighting to come up with a recommendation for a modernization approach for each application,” said Nigel Cheshire, CEO of Teamstudio. “While you can use the other modules to dig into the detail of why Guidance has made that recommendation, to me, it's the actual recommendation process where the magic happens.”

Founded in Jan. 1996, Teamstudio provides products that help organizations with customized business applications implement best practices, work more efficiently, and prepare for the future. As an IBM Business Partner, they help customers get the most from IBM Notes and Domino throughout the entire application lifecycle. They are a privately held, international company headquartered in the United States with regional offices in the United Kingdom and Japan.