Retrieve Incoming/Outgoing Nodes from Visio Drawing & Create Visio Masters from Scratch using .NET

This new release enables developers to Create or Customize Visio Masters from Scratch and Retrieve Incoming or Outgoing Nodes from Visio Drawing in .NET Apps

Online PR News – 01-November-2016 – Lane Cove, NSW – What’s new in this release?

Aspose team is pleased to announce the new release of Aspose.Diagram for .NET 16.10.0. The new version of the API allows developers to create a master from scratch and include it in the Visio drawings. Developers can set an icon of the master to present data in the Visio drawings with graphics. Besides this, we have improved API to retrieve directions of all incoming and outgoing nodes as well as getting the relationship information between containers, lists, callouts, and member shapes. The recent version also includes a number of regular bug fixes and enhancements. Developers can install an Aspose.Diagram Nuget package in their .NET applications because we publish each version as a NuGet package on the NuGet gallery. Microsoft Office Visio provides a rich set of pre-made masters. We can drag a master on the Visio page, most of the resulting shapes will inherit their formulae and values from that master. In the past, our clients were placing shapes using stencil, drawing or template. Using the version 16.10.0 or higher, they can now create a Visio master from scratch and it can be repeatedly used. Aspose.Diagram API works with connected shapes in the Visio diagram. The developers use it to get structural information. We have enhanced this feature to unify the retrieval of incoming and outgoing nodes from each Visio drawing format. This version also addresses the issues of misplaced shapes, additional content, the font formatting of shape and improper change in the shape size. These enhancements and bug fixes improve performance and accuracy of Aspose.Diagram API. Here is the list of important enhancements and bugs fixes in the new version.

• Master-Ability to add masters without a stencil, diagram or template.
• VSD to PDF conversion, the text of the shape appears not bold.
• Shape.GluedShapes method call is not returning all shape ids.
• DVSDX to PDF conversion, the connecting lines are not straight-I.
• VSDX to PDF conversion, the connecting lines are not straight-II.
• VSDX to HTML conversion, the connecting lines are not straight-I.
• VSDX to HTML conversion, the connecting lines are not straight-II.
• The text items are displaced on converting a VSDX to PDF.
• Missing the bold text formatting and incorrect line breaks on converting a VSDX to PDF.
• The incorrect position of text on converting a VSDX to PDF.
• The incorrect position of various text items on converting a VSDX to PDF.
• The vertical text appears as horizontal text on converting a VSDX to PNG.
• Retrieves reverse order of incoming and outgoing nodes from a VSDX.
• Can't retrieve relationships cell of the container shape from a VSD.
• The additional numbers are added while converting a VSD to SVG.
• The arrows are not being rendered correctly on converting a VSD to SVG.
• Incorrect rendering of the calendar on converting a VSD to SVG.
• Shape.ConnectedShapes method returns nodes with the reverse direction.
• Can't retrieve relationship cell of the shapes from a VSD.
• The background color of Visio pages is black on converting a VSD to SVG.
• Junk shape ID's are being retrieved from a VSD diagram.
• The incorrect symbol appears on converting a VSDX page to SVG.
• NullReferenceException occurred while converting a VDX to VSDX.
• The Page size option is being changed by setting the width and height of VSDM page.
• Can't retrieve relationship string of the shapes from a VSD.
• An argument error occurred while adding the ActiveX button.
• Improper change in size of a Visio shape on opening and saving in VSDM.

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Diagram for .NET documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Diagram for performing different tasks like the followings.

- Working with Headers and Footers:

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Overview: Aspose.Diagram for .NET

Aspose.Diagram is a class library for working with MS Visio files & is a pure .NET alternate for MS Visio Object Model. It enables developers to work with VSD & VDX files on ASP.NET web applications, web services & Windows applications. It makes use of the advanced functionality of Visio's services to manipulate Visio docs on a server. Developer can open files & manipulate the elements of the diagram, from lines and fills, to more complex elements, and then export to native Visio formats or XML.

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