Prostate Cancer Specialist Sheds Light on Micro Focal Cancer

Dr. Vorstman details micro focal prostate cancer and treatment options.

Online PR News – 08-November-2010 – – November 8, 2010 - Coral Springs, FL - Dr. Albert Vorstman recently published an article on micro focal prostate cancer that is sure to have patients thinking about treatment options.

The blog post, which can be found at, provides multiple scenarios in which prostate cancer patients may want to consider treating the micro focal prostate cancer. A prostate needle biopsy result indicating a 5% or less of a Gleason 6 prostate cancer in one needle core only is termed a micro-focal prostate cancer.

Dr. Vorstman continues stating that the diagnosis may be accurate but also may represent a mis diagnosis in presence or the amount of cancer present.

First, there is some concern as to whether the diagnosis was made correctly as there is some discordance between pathologists in cancer detection because of subjectivity issues. Second,the biopsy diagnosis may under represent the true status of the man’s prostate cancer. However, the greatest tragedy in the management here would be in treating a man for a non validated assumed microscopic focus of prostate cancer when he did not really have it, or, to treat a minuscule amount of prostate cancer that had little risk of progression.

Dr. Vorstman states, " Men and their partners would do well to be very proactive and become informed and empower themselves with knowledge so they can understand their biopsy reports, their treatment options and the associated quality of life (QoL) issues. This knowledge can prevent them from being subjected to over treatment as well as to unnecessary treatment."

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About Dr. Vorstman
Dr. Bart Vorstman is a renowned urologist who specializes in minimally invasive prostate cancer treatments. He manages, a website dedicated to teaching prostate cancer patients about their treatment options, including HIFU, an innovative treatment with a low risk of side effects.

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