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Securing your insurance license to get a job in insurance is the first step to a successful insurance career.

Online PR News – 08-November-2010 – – INSURANCE TRAINING
Welcome to ITA America. You have arrived at the threshold of an exciting and profitable career in insurance sales. Securing your insurance license to get a job in insurance is the first step to a successful insurance career. ITA America can help you secure an insurance license through insurance training online. Successful completion of insurance license training opens doors to a career in insurance.

You are a unique and multi-faceted individual. During your lifetime you have acquired extraordinary life experiences. Your ultimate success as an insurance sales associate is dependent upon how well you present and sell quality insurance products. You must learn to effectively communicate with a varying range of insurance customers. ITA America is here to help. Our PATHWAYS modules will help you decide if you are best suited for an insurance career.

ITA AMERICA management has over 80 years combined experience in insurance sales, insurance training, insurance sales management and the sale of securities. As you transition from your current job to a career in insurance sales you will likely need expert advice and guidance. PATHWAYS offers modules to transition into a career in insurance, financial services and the sale of securities.

PATHWAYS provides testing for suitability for insurance career including life insurance sales, multiple line insurance sales or sale of securities. We offer suitability assessment, and modules to provide assistance in training and testing. Our expert consultants guide you with opportunities for insurance careers. PATHWAYS helps you prepare for exam prep using online webinars and you too can pass the state insurance exam on the first try. PATHWAYS assists licensed insurance sales associate too.

Now that you have decided on a new insurance associate career its time to get started. ITA AMERICA provides cost effective state approved insurance pre-license training modules to get you through your insurance exam. In most states, you can complete your insurance license training online.

The information you need to train and test is one click away. ITA AMERICA recommends you utilize PATHWAYS to successfully pass your insurance license testing. PATHWAYS will get you through insurance license training. Statistics teach us that students who receive insurance exam prep will translate into higher insurance test scores. A first-time pass means faster transition to get started selling insurance sooner.

ITA AMERICA provides cost-effective insurance continuing education courses for the insurance sales associate. In most states, sales associates are required to complete 24 hours of insurance continuing education every two years in order to maintain their insurance license and continue in their insurance job.

For the sales associate who has chosen a career in insurance, quality insurance continuing education that meets the state requirements; is relative to the needs of the agent and the insurance buying public and provides the flexibility of online study will enhance the professional image of the sales associate. A successful career in insurance requires all of these things and ITA AMERICA is here to provide them.

A securities license provides additional sales opportunities for the insurance sales associate. ITA AMERICA provides cost-effective pre-license training courses that are approved in all states. A job in insurance may be enhanced and provide an additional line of products and sales opportunities to the sales associate who elects to get licensed.

ITA AMERICA is a leader in the securities pre-license training industry. If you have decided to enter a career in insurance you may want to consider adding a securities license. Over $40 trillion of wealth will transfer to the next generation in the coming years which will provide incredible opportunities for those sales associates with a securities license.