Karen Mitchell Stars in the Upcoming Film 'Just One More Day'

Australian actress Karen Mitchell takes on the starring role of Alexa in Poonam Sahasrabuddhe’s dramatic film "Just One More Day."

Online PR News – 28-October-2016 – Los Angeles, CA – Actress Karen Mitchell, who is known for her memorable performances in the films "Torn Devotion," "Awake for a Moment" and "Fearless Game," recently wrapped filming on the upcoming drama "Just One More Day," where she stars as Alexa.

Produced by Think Grand Films, "Just One More Day" revolves around the family that a soldier leaves behind when they go off to battle, and the struggles they go through while their loved ones are away.

In the film Mitchell's character Alexa is forced to balance her work life and her role as a single mom to her only son as her husband is away at war. One scene in the film where we really get a chance to see the unparalleled depth of Mitchell's craft is when she drops her son off at school after receiving news that her husband has gone missing. Mitchell does a phenomenal job of bringing her character to life with both strength and vulnerability, as she struggles to keep a straight face for the sake of her son, it's clear that inside she's being torn to pieces.

"This was an incredibly traumatic set of circumstances I felt I had to give justice to and wanted to explore in such a way that I was servicing a story bigger than myself," admits Mitchell. "It's very rare that there's a woman at the centre of a story in an Australian feature film, so I was really blessed that I could give service to a story like Alexa's which is connected to a broader social issue, and something that not many people talk about."

The film, which is currently in post production, also stars Glenn Millanta from the multi-award winning film "54 Days" and "Teenage Kicks," Clare McCann from "Blog Party" and "Mirror Girl," and Melissa Thompson from “Embedded” and "Irreversible Choices," as well as Rishi Sahasrabuddhe and Poonam Sahasrabuddhe.

Awake for a Moment

About Karen Mitchell's work on the film, director Poonam Sahasrabuddhe says, "[Alexa] is a very positive and strong character and will definitely leave a great impact on the audience. Working with Karen was a fantastic experience. No doubt she is an extremely talented actress. Beautiful and charismatic on screen, Karen was an absolute charm to work with."

For Mitchell, 2016 has been an incredibly busy year with her wrapping production on several other upcoming films as well. In Michele Konrad's ("Antarctica Now!") dramatic romance film "If I were You" Karen took on the starring role of Linda, a mother who sacrifices everything in order to keep her daughter Mason from falling into suicidal despair after the death of her partner.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Mitchell stars as Tina in the upcoming comedy film "The Margin of Things," where she acts alongside Martin Williams from "All Saints" and "The Pacific," Dominic McDonald from the Logie Award winning series "Neighbours" and Radek Jonak from the multi-award winning film "Red Dog" and the series "Home and Away." The film follows a blue-collar worker who becomes indebted to an underground crime family that is headed by Mitchell's character Tina.

Mitchell also stars in the film "Broken Spirits," an action-packed sci-fi film about four young people who are pulled into an alternate dimension where they must battle the evil forces of the undead and return home before it's too late.

Directed by Peter Bohush ("Geezers," "9-10: The Day Before"), the film, which was released in July and produced by Finch Hollow Productions, in association with Anime Expo, also stars Stephen Weese ("Battle Planet," "Legend of the Red Reaper"), Webby Award winner Vic Mignogna ("Star Trek Continues," "Attack on Titan"), BTVA Award winner Richard Epcar ("Injustice: Gods Among Us," "The Seven Deadly Sins"), Spike Spencer ("Vampire Knight," "Space Dogs") and Andy McPhee ("Sons of Anarchy," "Saving Mr. Banks").

Mitchell gives a chilling portrayal as the 'New Ager' who serves as the guardian of the mysterious portal. A master when it comes to breathing life into heavily layered and dichotomous characters, we initially see Mitchell's character as a well meaning, new age spiritualist, but when her actions lead the others into a perilous fight for survival, we soon begin to realize the truth.

"She's quite manipulative and mysterious... it's fun to play a villainous role. She's almost like a snake! She wants them to enter the portal because it feeds off human energy - like a virus. The audience soon realizes my character isn't human at all - just an ethereal presence who relies on there being real humans around her to 'survive' and continue to appear in the real world," explains Mitchell.

Mitchell's work as a film and television actress is as extensive as it is diverse, but that's by no means all she is known for. Over the years she has accumulated an astonishing list of commercial work being chosen as the face of major brands such as Eurobed, Shark Sonic Duo, Mirasilk, Bio Physics, Chair Gym, Bambillo, Commonwealth Bank, Coles and more.

While it's easy to see by simply watching her perform that Mitchell is a passionate actress, she is also dedicated to sharing her gift and knowledge with other actors, something she achieves through her work as an acting coach at Drama Scene, an Australian based acting school.

For Karen Mitchell all the world's a stage, and with four new films set to release over the next few months, there’s no question that we will be seeing a whole lot more from her.