The Accent Coach Announces Latest Tips on How To Pitch International Clients

Pitching potential clients is an important aspect of many businesses. Whether a person is self-employed or a business owner with hundreds of employees

Online PR News – 27-October-2016 – Vero Beach, FL – Pitching potential clients is an important aspect of many businesses. Whether a person is self-employed or a business owner with hundreds of employees, getting new clients is a continual effort. The accent coach Claudette Roche shares tips to help business owners, managers and sales people to be more successful in gaining new business from their pitches.

The first step is to ask questions and listen to the answers. This allows business people the opportunity to get to know the potential customer. Many sales people and managers make the mistake of talking too much, trying to tell others about their product or service instead of determining their needs. They should understand what kind of problems the person faces and how the company can help. Once they accomplish this change in focus, the product or service will sell itself.

Another tip is to avoid misunderstandings by speaking clearly. As Claudette Roche explains, customers often hear one thing while the business representative says something different. Part of this problem is lack of listening, but it may also be caused by not understand what was said. It could be caused by a strong accent or poor enunciation. This issue could be resolved with the help of an accent reduction coach who can teach a person how to enunciate better.

"People often develop bad habits in communication which inhibits their ability to get the message across," Roche explains. A business speech coach not only teaches them how to reduce a strong accent but how to develop good speaking habits. A third tip is to be professional in all communications. This issue is most often noticed in emails, which many don't see the same as a formal letter. They fail to start with an opening salutation and often fail to include a proper closing. When addressing prospective customers, a business person must treat each interaction with the same level of importance.

Sales managers or business owners should schedule the meeting at a convenient time and prepare for it. They should confirm the date with the potential client and determine what they're going to say ahead of time. Once they are meeting with the person, they should take time to pause in the midst of their pitch and allow questions. This ensures their message is getting across.

Many times, a pitch doesn't result in a decision immediately, which is why follow-up is essential. The person can wait a few days and send a written message detailing key points of the pitch. Roche suggests that the business manager or sales person take time with the follow-up letter and make sure the message is readily understood. In many instances, it's the second message that causes the customer to decide in favor of the business.

Creating an effective pitch means knowing the audience, understanding the message and following up to encourage a decision. By following these tips, any business owner or manager or sales person can improve the rate of acceptance for their pitches.