BlendSourcing Becomes Hot Trend in Outsourced Software development.

“San Francisco Tech Startup Uses Remote Developers and Project Managers To Blend Insourcing and Outsourcing, giving clients best of both worlds.”

Online PR News – 28-October-2016 – San Francisco, California – A few years ago Lex Mustafin was CEO of a young startup in San Francisco that was having trouble with it’s tech team. After nearly a decade working as an outsourced developer and distributed team startup member himself, he suggested the company look to outsourcing as a solution over hiring internally in SF. Over the next 6 months, as he witnessed all the trials and tribulations the company faced with hiring, managing remote developers, he thought to himself that there has to be a better way. Because of those headaches he founded in 2014, to do just that.

As a complete service, BuildaTeam sources, vets, hires and manages exclusive teams of software development experts from countries as far as Eastern Europe for less than the cost of one internally hired expert. They do this using a proprietary testing method that all potential freelancers must take before being admitted to offer their services. What makes their solution even more unique is that clients only have to deal with English speaking project managers, in their local time zone. Imagine, no more constant email communication breakdowns and language barriers. Since it’s founding a few years ago, BuildaTeam has already built and launched over 200 web and mobile products and their portfolio is extremely diverse:

With nearly 400 expert freelancers in their network (only the top 5% of all tested developers are admitted to freelance) they offer services in Magento, Shopify eCommerce development, iOS and Android Mobile App Development, Meteor.js, Woocommerce and even a solution for building MVPs for startups. Similar “hire remote freelancers” companies do exist such as TopTal and Gigster, but those solutions can be extremely pricey, which is why BuildaTeam has been focused on not only delivering quality work with some of the best freelance developers in the world, but also helping young startups and small businesses achieve their tech goals through using Eastern European talent to reduce costs. BuildaTeam projects start at just $65/hour compared to $135+/hour with similar local web development businesses.

RoyalRobbins is a multi-million dollar online clothing retailer whose eCommerce store was developed by BuildaTeam. Their E-Commerce Manager, Mea had this to say about BuildaTeam’s software development services;

“The customer service that Buildateam provides is unmatched. You can't get help like this from other development companies. The whole team is so accessible and responds quickly.”

Another recent customer, the iPhone app DejaWho’s CEO, Alex, had this to say about working with BuildaTeam to build their mobile app;

“I thought that did an absolutely amazing job creating my app DejaWho! We came to them with absolutely no technical background, no technical scope, basically with just an idea of how we wanted the end result to look like. Lex and his team did an amazing job with the discovery phase, getting an understanding of what we wanted, and they built this app from conception into acceptance into the app store. As any start-up app company, we had many changes to our original plan and the team was always there to talk us through it and would implement them into new versions within the next day or 2. The process was remarkably efficient and I would recommend this team for any app builders. Great team!”

BuildaTeam CEO Lex had this to say about the future of web and mobile outsourcing and their role;

“For early stage tech companies, ecommerce stores and other digital businesses, the greatest cost for the business is usually building their product. Not only does it take a ton of cash to iterate and develop something successful, it also takes a tremendous amount of time and for the longest time it has been very black and white in our industry. You either hire and manage a developer internally or find a freelancer. We are excited to be leading the way in offering an alternative solution through expert talent, lightning fast communication, and complete transparency.”

It’s clear that this new phenomenon is here to stay as more and more clients’ stress levels decrease. If you’re interested in learning more about BuildaTeam and how they help companies achieve their software development goals then reach out to them below.


BuildaTeam is a web and mobile development company that offers startups, small businesses and even large corporations access to the world's best remote freelancers, all managed professionally in San Francisco. We blend the benefits of outsourcing with the pros of having an in-house development team to create a dependable, affordable development solution for everything from iPhone app projects to complex business automation software development. We specialize in building expert remote development teams of Ph.D. level freelancers that include project managers, engineers, developers, designers and more, all working to save you time and money. Let’s get your project started today with a professional, global team! It’s never been easier. Email us today:

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