MAF Hosted By Shatner Launches Search for Leaders in Medical Field to be Featured on Television Show

MAF begins the search for Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Practitioners,‎ Dentists & Chiropractors, to be included on television show hosted by William Shatner.

Online PR News – 27-October-2016 – Beverly Hills, California – Ruth Collins, Senior Producer of MAF Productions confirmed they have officially launched a U.S. based search for individuals in the medical field, to be featured in upcoming episodes on, “Moving America Forward” a national television show hosted by William Shatner and anchored by Doug Llewelyn.

Explaining the search process, Collins said, “We will be reaching out to a select group of individuals in the medical field such as Dentists, Chiropractors, Natural Medicine, Hormonal Health, Reconstructive Surgery & Medical Doctors, that we feel will be true advocates for viewers to learn about health, new anti-aging tips and info on how to look and feel better at any age.

Scheduled to air in 2017 , “Moving America Forward” will spotlight each of the professionals selected from this search, sharing their insights and experience.
Collins said, “The Leaders in their field that we select will be passionate about helping others maintain or restore their health and later in the program will be honored with the prestigious Moving America Forward award.”
With several industry leaders expressing interest in participating, Moving America Forward is expected to announce the final selections by the end of the year.

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