New Free 16ft Family Tree Templates Chart 12 Generations of Family Heritage

New extra large family tree templates from are now available to download for free. The extra large family tree charts offer space to display 12 generations of ancestor’s information, photos, newspaper clippings, and other documents, and can be printed on heavy paper or canvas.

Online PR News – 08-November-2010 – – launches its Large Family Trees Template page filled with exciting oversized charts in nine, ten, eleven and twelve generations with more generations and designs to come. The charts start at 100” x 45” (8ft x 3.75ft) and go up to 200” x 66” (16ft x 5.5ft) making these the world’s largest family tree templates available online for free.

Previously, genealogists had to rely on several smaller charts or files full of names and data. To share that information with family was tedious at best and resulted in fewer people showing an interest in the family history. But now with an extra large family tree template, there is no end to the possibilities of what can be displayed. Reproductions of old documents, pages from bibles or newspapers, old letters and drawings can all be included on the large chart in the white spaces around the names. This is an opportunity to get creative and to really show off all the hard work and hours of research that goes into a project like this.

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Melanie Walters, founder of is an advocate of free genealogy and believes that resources should be made available to people. She says, “I created these free family tree templates because I was really unhappy with the quality of choices online and the amount they wanted me to pay for their charts. Every one of the charts on my website are professionally designed, high quality PDF charts and it’s possible, in many cases, to extend my charts to as wide as 45 feet without any distortion."

Imagine taking a 16-foot wide by 5 1/2-foot high family tree chart to a family reunion. Everyone would be gathered around it, reading it, discussing it and amazed at the details uncovered about the family. For professional genealogists or genealogy researchers of any skill level looking for a way to display family history, these unique and oversized designs take displaying genealogy to a whole new level. A chart like this inspires people to remember stories of previous generations and to understand where they came from.

Melanie Walters goes on to say, “My issue was when I looked online, I couldn’t find anything that compared to the quality of charts that I put on my website. I wanted to give free family tree templates that are outstanding quality. The only costs involved are the printing costs. You can find great deals on professional printing services, but it’s the professional tree designs that are usually very expensive. I’m really proud of the fact that my charts are the best-looking family tree charts online. Many people want a tree chart that displays their family history in a stylish way. They want a tree chart that they can print on lovely paper, frame and display on the wall. Once it’s printed it can last for years and be handed down to future generations as a legacy.” offers free resources in the genealogy field. The website is continually updated with free family tree templates and new genealogy information. To date, has the largest selection of unique family tree templates online.

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