Century Holdings Ltd Checks The New Fitbits Are Smarter, Better-Looking, And More Well-Rounded

Century Holdings Ltd Closely Checks The New Fitbits Are Smarter, Better-Looking, And More Well-Rounded

Online PR News – 27-October-2016 – New York, NY – Fitbit (FIT), the biggest maker of fitness trackers, has just introduced two new models, and they’re pretty great.

We’ve come a long way since “fitness tracker” meant “step counter.” The new Fitbit Charge 2 ($150) and Flex 2 ($100) still count your steps each day, of course. But now they also auto-track your sleep (quantity and quality), runs, walks, bike rides and calories burned; remind you to get up and move a little if you’ve been sitting motionless for an hour (sitting, it turns out, may shorten your life); and notify your wrist when calls and texts are coming to your phone.

The Charge 2 also monitors your pulse continuously, tallies up flights of stairs you take, and can even guide you through a surprisingly effective two-minute stress-relieving breathing exercise. All of this appears in the Fitbit phone app, which is fantastic.

Fitbits and their rivals have always been intended to be motivational tools more than scientific ones—but they’re getting better on both counts. On the accuracy front, both are scarily good at measuring sleep: You wake up, check the corresponding phone app, and marvel at the graph that reflects every bathroom break, cat interruption and nightmare.

And following a bug-fixing upgrade this week, the Charge 2 is now the master of walk/run/biking distance that it always should have been.

As for motivation: Both of Fitbit’s new bands use clever visual and vibrating cues to prod you to move more, and reward you when you do. For example, the Charge 2 introduces a brilliant, semi-augmented-reality reward feature: As your step count grows through the week, it tracks where you’d be if you’d walked the same distance on the hiking paths of Yosemite or the route of the New York City Marathon. You can hold your phone up and look around, turning your body, and see the stunning views that you’d see if you were there—no matter how gritty and depressing your actual location.

So far, there are only two of these “adventures,” as Fitbit calls them, and you get to do the panorama thing only at certain spots. But it’s a fresh approach to rewarding your progress—and motivation is what these things are all about.

The Charge 2

Last year, I tested 22fitness bands. The winner: the Fitbit Charge HR (= Heart Rate monitor).

It turned out to be Fitbit’s winner, too—by far its bestseller. Well, the Charge 2 is its successor. (Fitbit no longer sells one model with, and one without, the heart monitor.)

Here’s what’s new:

Interchangeable bands. The brains of the Charge 2 (like the Flex 2 and the older Fitbit Alta) are contained in a self-contained module, which detaches from its bands. Fitbit sells replacement plastic bands in various colors, plus more expensive ones in leather. (Fitbit asserts that swappable bands was the No. 1 feature request for the new tracker.)

Now that Fitbit’s Charge 2 is now more efficient and more motivational for the user I’m sure that sales will soar now that the Christmas sales are not far away stated tech analyst Kenneth Strang for Century Holdings Ltd.