AICE, Mauritius, and Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs are pleased to announce their collaboration

For immediate release / Bangkok – 08th November, 2010

Athena International Centre for Excellence in Mauritius ( has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs in the areas of tourism, hospitality and education.

Online PR News – 07-November-2010 – – This significant partnership will enhance training for both students and professionals at AICE with international standard vocational and academic programs in the service industry, providing all with outstanding employment opportunities.

The MOU was signed by the Founder and CEO of JR School and AICE, Dr. Rajcoomar Jhurry and Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs

The hospitality sector is one of the major development pillars of the Mauritian economy and has been cruising with a double digit growth during the past years. It is a sector which is successful in the sense that heavy investment is being made therein. Foreign direct investment of Rs 16 billion is expected for the next years to come in the various hotels around the island.

One of the major factors of the success is the quality of the service therein. It is one of the competitive advantages the Mauritian hospitality sector. However, for it to be sustained, we need to further increase this quality of service and go beyond what is. This means more people who are qualified, competent, dedicated, with the right attitude, the right wisdom. In turn this warrants necessary training capacity to deliver the people with the characteristics required.

Training is a key element for the optimal development of the tourism industry. Projections made indicate the need to train about 3500 persons annually to cater for direct employment in hotel and related trades. Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs will be called to play a key role and new strategies have been devised to meet this challenge. Collaboration with foreign external partners will continue to constitute the major strategy in the advancement and improvement of high-quality vocational education and training.

Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs says: “To have world class quality human resources, world class quality education and training is the solid foundation for any future development of people in Mauritius. The challenge for the education and training system at every level and every stage is to make sure that it really does give people the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

In our Endeavour to provide World Class Quality Education to a world class society, Athena International Centre for Excellence (AICE), is very much in harmony in providing world class standard training.

To further its mission “To be the leading training Institution in the Tourism Industry”, consultation, participation and consensus building with the Hospitality Industry are essential approaches for the benefit of both students, professionals and the Hospitality Industry.”

The Mauritius Duty free paradise will take full advantage through this Memorandum of Understanding with Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs in order to equip itself with the right tools to face new and updated quality and service standards in the benefit of their users. This joint public/private sector collaboration deserves to be underlined. It is only through such social dialogue and collaboration that Mauritius stands to gain.

This MOU will also include the transfer of expert knowledge through training and consultation from Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs for the development of niche courses at AICE.

The MOU provides a framework for further collaboration between AICE and Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs in other diverse areas including Hospitality, Business and Services, Education.

It is an excellent opportunity for AICE students and professionals for a real life working situation, as Mauritius have no other option than to depend upon the ingenuity of their people, their Human Resources. It is through investment in education and training and through the mobilization of all their human resources that Mauritius can face the challenges of this global era.

About Professor Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs:

I am a Swiss national who has been residing in Thailand for 10 years, yet traveled globally on short assignments and consulting projects. Born, raised and educated in Switzerland, with extensive American ( north and south) and Asian hospitality industry and academic experience, make me an effective manager that is capable to bridge any cultural gap.

My work experience extends over 29 years, in a variety of top executive positions both in industry and academia. I enjoy teaching and transferring knowledge to others, and have a keen interest and expertise in organizational development, reorganization (organizational re-engineering) and commercial problem solving and business turnaround. I am a skilled and creative business rehabilitation plan administrator.

About Athena International Centre for Excellence (AICE):

JR School is an approved training institution which provides quality training courses in the following academies:
• JR Academy of Creative Design and Technology (Ecole de Dessin)
• JR Academy of Entertainment Hotel and Tourism (Ecole Hotelière)
• JR Academy of Management and Information Technology
• JR Technical Vocational and Training School (TVET)

The School offers both Award and Non Award courses and has diversified its training programs through reputable international partnerships in order to move towards accredited tertiary level education to meet the demands of the local and international markets. We also build close collaboration with corporate bodies in order to be responsive to market demand.

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