Announcing Launch of 1st Degree Freebies Online Trading Community!

Industry leading members shine new light on freebie trading.

Online PR News – 07-November-2010 – – As many of you know, I am admin and co-owner of 1DF. I started this blog not only for the purpose of getting the word out about Freebies, but also offer help to any experienced trader that may just be a bit confused.

1st Degree Freebies is the newest freebie trading forum to hit the internet. While the concept of "freebie trading forums" is not a new thing, 1DF has many new features and members to help ensure the safety all all members, as well as every traders success! 1DF offers state of the art forward thinking, shown through community rules and guidelines, as well as the trade manager. Many of you vet traders have questions about how and why we do things the way we do.. The best answer for that is, 1DF was created based on knowledge and experience involving the "big picture" of freebies and where the indusrty may be unfortunately heading. We believe that this is not solely placed on the trader, but the freebie trader has the biggest effect on what is to come for the future of the industry.

That being said, lets talk about some of the new things implemented at 1DF. There has always seemed to be a undoubtedly overwhelming confusion that every new person is faced with starting out in this industry. We feel this is due to many reasons. Since we obviously can not expect industry wide change, we offer up this solution....

A brand new, full featured "Introduction to Freebies" and "being successful at Freebies" website. The name, well, it could not be described in better terms than Easy Successful Steps! This is a website built by one of the top leaders in the industry, TexasTornado Deb. Many people have been often quoted "she may just be the best in the business" and "is there anything this woman cant do?" At this website you will find everything and anything needed to participate in freebies. From an introduction of how it works, to learning how to be more productive and successful in method 2. It features, many many pages of explanation, as well as in depth videos to help every step of the way! One thing is for sure, whether you are a newbie trader or a veteran, there is something to be learned at I invite you to join for free, and see for yourself how great this tutorial really is, as well as spread the word so other traders may have the chance to be a part of as well. Not to mention this site will soon have a commission based referral program available to all Pro Members. The program also features a great mentoring program for all newbies who may just need a little guidance. This site is a must have for all freebie traders! There has been more than a ton of websites built before, but unlike all websites before, this is a Freebie Industry based site. Cutting out all the hassles for new traders and giving a definitive answer to most questions asked in freebies. I ask everyone to please take the time and join as it will benefit the entire industry.

As for the Veteran end of things with the ESS tutorial site, comes great tools for traders to utilize. Whether it be an uncertainty of a term or knowledge to help your referrals green, the information will prove quite helpful. There is also a new video section for step by step help throughout all aspects of trading. These videos come in very handy when you are working with referrals who need help. Guaranteed! ESS also offers a referral based program, where you can actually get paid for bringing in new members. Another great program being currently added to ESS is the Mentoring Program as well. As a pro member you will have the opportunity to get assigned new traders who are in need of a little help!

The list just keeps going here, lol.. ESS has partnered up with 1stDegreeFreebies to offer proof that you indeed have what it takes to participate in, and mentor any trader in the industry! 1DF has decided to make all Pro members an unique ESS "Success Mentor" to show your knowledge off. All the information you need can be found within 1DF, and if you still need help, simply post something and one of the great members will help you to their best ability! Enough about ESS though, lol.

Lets talk more in depth about how this community is different than all forum's before in the industry. The most important thing 1DF possess is staff and members who know all aspects of the industry. We here at 1DF owe TTD a very big thank you for all her time and knowledge she has put in to establish this wonderful community. She has a major role in all aspects of Freebies, therefore 1DF gets a slight advantage to the who, what, where, when, and why game. LOL. Her knowledge is shown through the rules, and constant innovation 1DF incurs everyday. So to Deb, I say thank you.. Please do not forget that without all of our members and great staff, there is a good chance we would just be "another forum." So giving credit where due as well, I must thank all of the highly motivated, vastly knowledged members on 1DF

1DF also offers up state of the art control over what 1DF's members do, say, and even sometimes, what they may try to hide..(I'm talking to you scammers, ROFL) If you are a veteran trader you may have already noticed the extra information required on every trade, as well as rules to hold traders more responsible for their actions. Every single member of our community deserves an equal chance at knowledge of greening as well as great treatment after green. If you are new to freebie trading, these "extra fields" will prove to help know how to complete a trade, as well as more definite timing of payments. 1Df's Trade Manger even tracks the clicks of the paying trader to ensure time and completion! There are many rules here that the shady traders, lol shady traders, will have problems with. 1DF trade manager will ensure safe trading and a higher success/satisfaction % in trading. This is accomplished by making traders present very clear detailed instructions to each other in every aspect of a "trade." We believe this will keep us all safer as well as not get so confused with things that were not as defined before. We expect to see a greatly reduced amounts of trade complaints as well. Most of these are confused posts, because 1 of the traders were not complying with payment, or green/mcr timing.

We at 1DF welcome all new members with open minds in the interest of the future of Freebie Trading. As admin and owners of 1st Degree Freebies , we vow to constantly push forward thinking daily, and strive to create the safest, solid trading in the Industry. We welcome questions and suggestions from all, so please give us your two cents!

Come join us and learn how you too can increase your Freebie Success and knowledge by being a part of our wonderful community! Thanks for reading my blog, ugh it was long! ROFL Happy Trading!!