Rebranding Race book turning readers into brand makeover watchdogs

With Rebranding Race book by well regarded 11-time author C. Paschal Eze, anyone could easily detect, discourage deceitful rebranding by businesses and nonprofits.

Online PR News – 07-November-2010 – – C. Paschal Eze’s 11th book, Rebranding Race: Lessons from brand makeover winners, losers, pretenders and spectators, described by one source as a “product of understanding of what rebranding is and what it is not” and another as “well researched; has lots of valuable examples, lots of practical tips” is boldly tackling many brand makeovers, including those of very popular global brands, as deceptive and detestable.

Using case studies from around the world, the book with foreword by eTurboNews publisher and Hawaii Tourism Association founder Juergen Thomas Steinmetz, challenges anyone undertaking business and nonprofit brand makeover to go beyond brand superstructure and focus on brand substructure as well, and seeks to turn all customers and nonprofit donors into effective brand makeover watchdogs.

Discerning businesses and nonprofits that carefully and creatively focus on both the brand superstructure and brand substructure are exemplified as winners while others that merely scratch their brand superstructure are categorized as losers, pretenders or spectators, based on what the Coralville Iowa USA-based author calls “7 rebranding laws to live by”.

Imagine this: A family-owned downtown restaurant that has been in business for two decades is hit by dramatic decline in sales and the owners decide to hire a customer recommended branding firm to do a fancy dress parade often called rebranding. Then the firm gets down to business, championing a name and logo change, new uniforms for waiters and waitresses, repainting of the exterior and interior of the restaurant and a reward system for loyal customers. With the new look, a big relaunch party is hosted with all the fanfare the owners could spare. But next day, as target customers experience the brand (again), sales go back to what they were prior to the rebranding. Alas, the expensive brand makeover did not change a thing but rather kept the misery going.

A well regarded trainer, mentor and rebranding strategist, C. Paschal Eze explains through the book that such exercise is bound to fail, wasting money, time and energy, because it merely scratches the surface to present a false impression of change, which is simply and squarely deceptive to brand stakeholders like customers, donors or friends.

“The problem with such a restaurant might be its poorly rated dishes, lousy and far-from-courteous waiters and waitresses, dirty restrooms or even location, none of which could be solved by simple getting new name and logo,” posits well traveled Eze whose widely endorsed book also includes Q&A with 6 experts in USA and Canada, including two-time Emmy Award winner, Tony Mottley, who runs Duet Digital Media, Inc., Michigan.

Yet, this faulty approach to brand makeover is not unique to downtown restaurants. As the book clearly shows, it is a common practice among all kinds of small and big businesses as well as local and global nonprofits which count on findings by neuroscientists that the human brain is drawn to novelty, but in Eze’s views, being new does not equate being relevant, appropriate or having staying power.

“The book is not just a boardroom or AGM affair. It is also about personal brands. There is even a chapter titled “Singles, try rebranding yourselves for marriage” and a broader one on “Before your personal brand makeover.” So, nobody is left out,” concludes Eze who strongly believes “Rebranding is your right to thrive but it comes with a huge responsibility to self and stakeholders.”

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About the author

C. Paschal Eze, author of 11 well regarded books, including Rebranding Race and Prominence Power Kit, is known to target CEOs, politicians, professionals and nonprofit executives as the go-to guy for game-changing ideas and strategies. A former daily newspaper and monthly business magazine editor-in-chief, Eze is a result-rendering change management strategist, certified training consultant and international speaker who has been inspiring, educating and energizing audiences in different parts of the world for nearly 20 years. He has been cited or featured in many leading newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs especially in USA and UK.